2016 Victory Cross Country Tour First Ride Review – MotoUSA

We rumble around the Texas Hill Country then down to Galveston Island on the 2016 Victory Cross Country Tour, an American V-Twin-powered luxury-tourer, for this first ride review. Be sure to read our 2016 Victory Cross Country Tour First Ride article for more riding impressions and observations:


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  1. I owned an 09 Victory Vision which is a good bike as is the CCT. Polaris how ever hasn't kept pace with Harley.
    There very, very little change or upgrade to either bike in the last several years. Harley however has made substantial changes and refinments to their FLH line up. When you look at the 2015/16 CCT it is almost the same bike as the 2011 which I believe was the first year of the CCT.
    I looked at a 2015 Vision after my 09 met an unfortunate demise and the only difference was paint & antilock braking. It had the same small side bags, one way stereo speakers, no Bluetooth, or navigation. my new FLHTK has all that and then some.
    Here is Las Vegas we have four dedicated Harley dealers and one Indian/Victory dealership.

  2. Jerry Collins - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads

    Love the Hill Country

  3. Francois Ientile

    Belle bécane!

  4. Good review. It helps when both pros and cons are included.

  5. Like someone said…might as well buy a car. Also the overall construction looks cheap. Just look at the fairing and foot windscreens. I own a 2015 Kawasaki concours 1400. Now THAT is a touring bike

  6. may as well get a car

  7. Victory please liquid cool these bikes not like Harley semi liquid cooling but a 100% liquid cooled bike

  8. I've had 8 Harley dressers
    3 goldwings and misc bmw tour bikes to include the 05 k1200lt and my 2012 Victory Cross Country has them all beat in handling rider comfort and storage…. can afford any motorcycle I want and I would choose this one again without hesitation.

  9. I'm going with liquid cooled HARLEYS. When will Victory catch up. The hell with that rear cylinder heat….