“AMERICAN LIFE FARMING” FS19 MAP TOUR | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review).

“AMERICAN LIFE FARMING” FS19 MAP TOUR | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review). PS5. Map by: Lancyboi. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. I can't find the milk on that first cow farm

  2. Seasons do not work on this map i have tried a few

  3. I'm having trouble with this..I bought field 29 for the cows but there are no triggers at all that I can find

  4. Field 10 needs less fence and more gate…Had to take out a lot of trees by the railroad just to get onto it.There is no other access that I could find.The fence runs all the way around three sides of it.

  5. Why can’t I sleep in this game?

  6. Where can Alfalfa be sold on this map or used. I square baled some and the dairy cow barn won't take it.

  7. Ive always wondered on maps like these, can you not just jump in one of the 'display' tractors and drive off?

  8. erwin slootmaekers

    Not working on ps4

  9. Joseph Anderson

    Any idea where I can download this map from?

  10. I can't open the animal pens menu. Had to stop playing this map.

  11. I can't access the cow barn even when I own the land. None of the icons show up and I cannot purchase any cows.

  12. Very tempting map. I prefer uk ones because that’s what I know but anything where the moders have put in loads of effort deserves a look. I think I’ve seen a lot of giant American farms with circular fields as that’s the most efficient way of irrigating them, I wonder if that could be integrated in the game.
    Are there any Scottish maps? That would be fun or the Lake District for some epic sheep farming

  13. Just started this map and I'm having some strange issues. It's been a month since this video, so things I mention may have not existed before. Anyway, it's first with the train.  I saw it once and never saw it again and the railroad crossing was constantly active. Even though there was no train, I ignored this and went back to plowing. Well eventually I decided to go to the menu. Upon doing this, it attempted to save and the save window never went away. I let it sit for over an hour and it was still saving. The circle was spinning so the game wasn't frozen, just stuck on saving. Eventually I gave up and rebooted the game. Upon loading the save, to my surprise, it did actually save what I did. So I decided to test it by manually saving. It saved just fine, but at this point some things glitched out, like the plane that flies over head kept stopping and going in the sky.  About 5 minutes later the saving window popped up and again didn't go away. I'm on PS4 pro, Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm a little worried about continuing to play if the map is broken.

  14. Why is this not on Xbox

  15. Giorgio Antonio Ninni Riva

    legend for showing the hidden animal pens! i was ready to give up on this map! thanks!!

  16. This is a nice map, although I have an issue, you can’t place any placeables on the new farmer farm

  17. This isn’t available on Xbox why !!!

  18. I found one problem so far in that map is removing trees if you go to the trees anywhere really between some of the fields and the trees are really bushy low to the ground go to the edge of the map in a vehicle and do a distant view of the vehicle and then scroll down and look you'll see the trees actually foundation planted at underlayment of the game not on the surface map so removing those trees are impossible you can cut them off at the ground but you cannot get rid of them I've sent them a message and told them about this I would like to remove some trees and make something big fields bigger.

  19. Cant find the milk trigger on field 29 cow barn

  20. Peyton Reinkemeyer

    If you put Chaff in a silo will it come back out as silage?

  21. What geo goes with this.

  22. Great map tho.. but on xbox nothing works like farm silos, animal trigger even when I buy the land. So wtf..?

  23. It's a beautiful map, I think everything positive to be said about it has already been said. A few negatives though:

    1. None of the building can be sold.

    2. Field prices are crazy high and pretty much no options to start with small fields. My favorite way to play the game is to start small and build up. Seems there's no real way to start on this map without a million dollar farm.

    3. Many of the fields are grouped into a single plot of land so you can't buy the individual fields, you have to buy them all. I don't understand why he did it this way.

    4. No compost bunker for console players. Ravensberg is still the only map that offers this I think.
    5. Lots of custom crops but none of them really offer a difference in gameplay. Just more of the same you've been doing but with different textures.

  24. Anyone else hate high slot counts.

  25. Love this map how does compost work on this map? Huge fan btw mrsealyp keep doing what your doing 😁

  26. Loving the map enjoying being a contractor on my first year on new farm with season, tidied up some trees, went to sell them and can't find the spot to sell trees anyone got any advise?

  27. I still can't find the milk

  28. When is this coming out? like date. and if its already out where do you download it

  29. Catching Fish.69

    Where I should be able to buy cattle there is no gate and it doesn't give me a choice to buy any cows

  30. Ayy _WhereYouAt

    Is there a way to download this mod on PC? I can not find the download link on Lancys Facebook, or modhub.

  31. no compost production, cannot find where you buy it and where is the manure at main cow farm ?????

  32. Brayden Flanigan

    Is it just me or all the roads and bridges invisible

  33. I just re-download this map. I had no roads!… idk.
    So, I still don't have any roads…. why

  34. there are no roads on xbox 1