NCL Jade Cruise Ship Tour 2018, Very unOfficial Travel Guides

The NCL Jade recently went through a major renovation. Check out an entire tour of this cruise ship as we sail from Southhampton to Hamburg.

Norwegian Jade Inside Cabin:

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  1. 10 thing I’ve NEVER done on a cruise ship before! 😆. It might be the right time to make that video.

  2. i was on the norwegian star now consedering going on the jade looks similar but haves 2 pools .

  3. Robin Hillyer-Miles

    I always do the wine tasting and once, on an NCL cruise, they had the wrong time for the wine tasting, the poster and "ticket" said 1 p.m. but the flyer at the door said 12 noon. I arrived around 12:30 p.m. to find it already in progress. Another couple came in right behind me. We got to jump in the on-going wine tasting and then they did an entire wine tasting just for the three of us. Because they had open bottles after our tasting and couldn't do anything with them, they let us sit and finish them. I barely remember how I got back to the room. Oh my word. I took a long afternoon nap. 😀

  4. Great video.

  5. Thanks for this

  6. Rosemarie Teasdale

    i well be on this ship soon ! im excited thanks

  7. Very similar to the gem both r wonderful

  8. Cruise Travel Videos

    Good video! What do you think about Norwegian prices that are rising more and more? Any idea why?

  9. Great video!! We are sailing on the Jade in October for a 14 day cruise of Italy/Greece and this was a great video to see the layout of this ship, very informative. Thank you!

  10. muito Boiden

  11. We had a cruise on the Jade in 2015 ,if you have never taken a cruise , don't judge it till you've done it Brilliant 7 day cruise , NO such thing as a boring cruise people who say this don't know what their talking about.

  12. Mozart's_Magic_Flute

    Is there a vibe beach club? Or anything like that?

  13. Love your videos- always succinct and informative- best narrator ever!

  14. This ship looks so boring. I would never cruise to begin with but I do get curious… but this ship looks like a snore.

  15. 9:33 I hope that's your belt tail hanging out, in the reflection! 😂

  16. Andrew's Interesting Videos

    I just got back from the Kiss Kruise that was on the Jade. It’s a fantastic ship

  17. Had my first martini. Pineapple chipotle martini. And I loved it!

  18. Thank You for a most informative (and professional quality), tour of the Jade. We are about to embark for 10 days Nov. 16th, 2018. (Southern Caribbean). Nicely done!

  19. Glad I saw your video. I just booked a cruise on the Norweigan Jade on Dec 2018 from Miami. It definitely looks smaller and less crowded compared to the N Getaway. Did you find the evening entertainment lively or quiet? Thanks

  20. cool video!

  21. How it do Mr. Morgan are you going make a video about hitting up Octoberfest?

  22. Looks good. We have thought about this ship. May give it a go.thanks for a great video.x

  23. I love the whole vibe on the ship. They did a great job on the renovation.

  24. Adventures Of David And Aaron

    Your video tour is very informative thanks for sharing. Sincerely Adventures of David and Aaron

  25. This is the same set up as the Gem Morgan. My wife and myself just love The Norwegian Gem!

  26. Thanks for the tour

  27. Between your gained experience and the changes in the industry, please please redo the Royal vs NCL video

  28. That woman at the start, make way Morgan I’m headed straight to Bingo 🤣

  29. ❤ Thank you, Morgan.

  30. We have friends that are on Jade now…they left Southhampton and did Iceland and Canada NYC and now en route to Miami.

  31. Thank you, Morgan, I am going on the Jade next month. This gave me a good look at things.

  32. Interesting….Hmmmm

  33. McShiggity Pilot

    Thanks Morgan! Always wanted to get a tour of the Jade! Did you find any Chocolate cake and Ice Cream in a CONE?? Im cruising western Carribbean in March on NCL Breakaway

  34. hello!! 🙂 great!

  35. Been on the Gem as well, one of my favorite ships.

  36. Was on The Jade back in March, 2018. I like the smaller ships in Norwegian's Line.

  37. Southhampton is Southampton. Lol because i live that i can only critic but great tour and video non the less!

  38. Been waiting for this vid for a long time. I'll be sailing a TA on Jade next April. Thank you for your insight. 😎

  39. I was on the Jade's sister ship Gem.  Nice ship.  I guess the renovations changed some of the layout of the ship.  I see they switched Bliss lounge and the shopping.  Bliss looks smaller in the new location.  Looks weird.

  40. Thanks Morgan for this great 👍🏻 tour of the Jade’ ⭐️👍🏻🚢😎🌴

  41. So awesome! Thank you for your videos. My husband and I cruise vicariously through you!

  42. WickedWonder1979

    I've been on the Pearl, fun to see the difference and similarities! I love your videos, thanks!

  43. How do you keep track of what's included and what isn't? Are there signs of some sort?

  44. Yay a new cruise video!!