VAN TOUR | TONS of Smart Ideas in this DIY Off-Grid Tiny Van w/ Toilet & Shower

Today we bring you a VAN TOUR of our friends’ beautiful van! This DIY off-grid van has tons of smart ideas complete with a toilet and shower, and is honestly one of the best uses of space in a camper we have ever seen! Open description box to see recommended .

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We’re Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North and South America in our converted Sprinter Van. On The Matneys, we love chatting about the reality of living in a van, what van life allows us to do, and how traveling to new with new cultures can really open your eyes to so much about the world, our own country, and ourselves. Our little home is simple, but it takes us to the most magical paradises in the world.

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  1. It looks cozy but the wood makes it look small and not being able to access the living area from front driving area would not be acceptable to me.

  2. Must travel to Patagonia ✅
    Trust fund or YouTube vids to sustain life ✅
    Must have Ice cream ✅
    Get VanLife friends ✅
    I’m just teasing… if I want it bad enough, I’ll make it happen too. 💵📹📲🧗🏻‍♂️🍸🌮🌵🚐

  3. The Foster Farm

    What lovely people!!

  4. Loved the garage so organized, very creative couple 🙂

  5. One of my most favorite Van Builds ever! Well done!!

  6. Design is the most important. My wife counts every cm in our van

  7. Very nice. Gd luck and stay safe.

  8. That stove setup is super cool!

  9. I really love this van. The layout is a bit different, and was nice to see. The garage is very impressive too. Thank you for sharing. Be safe, stay well

  10. One of my favorites. Looks great.

  11. I really liked this tour, I love how efficient their build is. Can we get the name of that shower? I am building my van and would love have that cute stainless steel shower.

  12. 💩 de 🐸

  13. Please stay safe

  14. Beautiful van I notice you are not distancing yourself the recommended 6 feet
    Is this not mandatory where you are?

  15. What's the name of the shower system(water heater), it looks nice and compact. I am guessing it uses gas?

  16. The back of the van reminds me of an advent calendar! Loved their van, enjoyed the stove top idea.

  17. I just noticed that Christian steps on aubry her toes every time in the vlog intro at the part where they hug each other 😅

  18. zippitydoda day

    I assume you ate sober…. Lmfao.. Hungover? Got your sh!t together. .. Possiblly too afraid to watch the 2 lives and never do it again?
    Omg..thank you for one of the best enertainmentsbof my life this past year.
    Bravo! Kudos!
    Hands down not sure you will video aftermath. But omg…. That WAS a blast. You guys deserve a plague reward.
    Yes I request a video of aftermath. I don't know how to PM on phone.
    You guys are great

  19. The van looks lovely… and homey / cozy…. The stovetop thingie is a brilliant idea. Just remember in life that there are trade-offs. What trade offs are you talking about? … Well the more screws that you use – to fasten things down… the less capacity you will have to move large objects in your vehicle.
    – If one wanted to live in his van and ALSO be a "man with van" kind of gig.. then everything will have to be modular and easily removable. It's uglier- but for some, more functional.

  20. Stephanie Sturgeon

    Nice van!👍 Thanks for sharing✌️

  21. That's the best van lay out I've seem in a smaller van. I'll probably make mine similar to this.

  22. Beautiful