Anthony Bourdain A Cooks Tour Season 1 Episode 10: Stuffed like a Pig

Today, we’re Portugal and South West France with the #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain! He reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. Kimberly Pendleton

    It is STILL unbelievable to me this man is gone…😢😢😢😢

  2. Aveces lo mejor de lo que Dios nos permite lo tomamos por hecho hoy quiero comentarles que el mayor placer en la vida de los hombres son las divinas maravillosas hermosas deliciosas y super sensacionales mujeres. Las mujeres sin lugar a dudas son lo mas hermoso de la creacion son las mujeres que siempre se ven tan hermosas y deliciosas. Yo creo que es muy importante darle credito a quien credito merece y las mujeres son lo maximo en todo. Si embargo aveces erroneamente los hombres nos autonombramos el sexo fuerte. Vamos a ver aguantaria un hombre sangrar por siete dias y verse fresco como una flor? Aguantaria un hombre tener un bebe? Aguantaria un hombre andar con zapatos de tacon un dia? Aguantaria un hombre hacer desayuno para toda la familia e ir a trabajar todo el dia y luego regresar y hacer cena para toda la familia y continuar asi todos los dias. Esta claro quien es el sexo debil. Que ironia verdad? Gracias a nuestro Dios Jesucristo por haber creado a las maravillosas mujeres. A gracias a Dios Jesucristo por esta creacion divina y maravillosa y preciosas y deliciosas mujeres,,..

  3. 9:10 nice Rainbow

  4. What a continent. Europe. You can eat like a decadent Roman emperor every day of your life, and go no further east than the Portuguese-Spanish border.

  5. Edidiong Edemeka

    Them playing soccer with the pigs bladder cracks me up😂

  6. What a beautiful country🇵🇹

  7. CreepinWhileYouSleepin

    Whats funny is we now know a lot of this fatty food and organ meat is actually very good for you. The low fat thing was a farce

  8. I only watched the part about Portugal, don't care about the rest tbh

  9. he must have really been a fiend on the coke. eating all that rich food but still skinny as hell

  10. Se te extraña Anthony!!!

  11. Javier Alejandro

    12:23 Real John Lennon is alive and eating pork ears in some random farm of Portugal

  12. repent and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour and receive salvation ❤️

  13. Never knew Anthony Bourdain and Happy Gilmore both had the same boss lol.

  14. Aaron Perez Somarriba

    Aaaaa what a beautiful way to kill pork, just like we do down in my ranch in Mexico

  15. Prarie oysters… Yum

  16. David Greenfield

    The best thing I ate in Portugal was "Cabrito".
    Rotisserie baby goat.
    To this day, I can still smell it and taste it.

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  18. I miss him so much

  19. ___Blaggard999___

    00:40 if he just remembered that ! he would still be here 🙁

  20. "Theirs NO vegetarian's here." Amen to THAT!

  21. I paused the program and went to Amazon to buy some duck rillettes.

  22. So from what I can tell Portugal is when happens when Italy and Spain have a kid

  23. What brakes my heart is I am just now learning about him and his life in this day and age that I feel as if I can not trust what I hear or see . The creater of the new movie about A B life admitted that he put 10 hours of AB s voice into the computer to make AB say something he wanted his voice to have said . So I feel angry .

  24. Can't believe there is something that made me miss my ex mother in law.
    An AMAZING Portuguese cook!
    If you haven't eaten real Portuguese food, it's a must.

  25. Went to soon… could you not abided with us if not for just a little while. We could have used your voice in this unforgiving time of madness 😠.

  26. These ducks do have some 'sort' of fatty liver syndrome!

  27. The standing playroom posteriorly moor because dietician rhetorically store toward a maddening quiver. long-term, anxious subway

  28. Just miss this guy. I have a collection of his DVD's with all of this earlier stuff. I will keep them and hand them down. They are a treasure just like Anthony !!! How I wish we could turn back time and save him !!!!

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  31. For years I watched Tony, lusting after his physical appearance, but also for his insight into what life was about. So happy there are still videos to watch and cookbooks to purchase.

  32. I would eat all of the Linguiça and get yelled at just like home.

  33. It’s 2021 and here I am still watching all these videos of AB.

  34. Always enjoyed just listening to Anthony, didn't even have to watch although I did. I am revisiting his videos now. Thank you for providing them for us to enjoy. When I read Anthony's books I heard his voice. Such a loss. I still refuse to believe he took his own life. He was too crazy about his daughter, maybe one day I will know for sure. RIP Tony may god keep and hold you.

  35. I really miss this guy, especially in these strange times…

  36. Prathamesh Darvekar

    That's why fat is dangerous !!!!

    Instead he could have avoided this nasty stuff.

  37. My grandfather was born 1913 in Alabama. They also used the pig bladder as a ball. This is why the American football is called a ‘pig skin.’

  38. I come and watch these from time to time…
    It feels like visiting an old friend..
    RIP Tony!

  39. Always good to see when he was happy with his brother…unique.

  40. adds
    What wherever the hel)

  41. George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    I always wanted to take a bite out of a procutto ham . I had a job making tapas food I realized that this is the defence of the ham it's to hard just to bite and prevents you from eating the whole ham .

  42. Rest in peace…I'm sad that he took his life because of his girlfriend…

  43. Forget Tony, learn to eat, respect food and don't waste nothing. That is the most important lesson.

  44. I am not a butcher but have had the experience of butchering a few live chickens. Before giving the kill cut, I always said a little prayer thanking them for their sacrifice and making a promise to myself that the life I'm going to take would not be in vain, that it would sustain everyone and nothing will go to waste. I am not a religious person, I am an atheist at best. I just respect all lifeforms, even those in the bottom of the food chain.

  45. We will never know y ? As for my daughter ..Fly High With All Our Angels…So missed xo

  46. French women are beautiful @16:33 , that's why I married one

  47. You are missed and loved…..

  48. A Cuban roast the whole thing

  49. Legend!