Tadej Pogačar Destroys the Field | Tour of Slovenia Stage 2 2021| Lanterne Rouge x Le Col Highlights

We expected a punchy finish at the end of Tour of Slovenia Stage 2 2021 but Tadej Pogacar had other ideas, thanking Bahrain Victorious for splitting the field before the penultimate climb and then doing what he does best.

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Race Footage courtesy of UAE Tour Press Office

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Benji Naesen

Lanterne Rouge

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  1. Thanks! I've been enjoying Uno-X and I'm interested to see how they proceed with their plans.
    Good recap. The TDF will be full of unknowns at this point. Totally different feel watching the GC men in different races/training. Tadej is looking very strong!

  2. 🚀🚲P. Sagan🚔🚔🚔🚔
    🏍️Ganna, Pogačar, Roglic.,
    🛴A. Vlasov, Mc. Carthy,
    🚀S. Yates,
    🛹Pello Bilbao,
    🏍️ A Valeverde
    🛴N Quintana
    ⛑️E. Bernal🚔⛑️⛑️⛑️⛑️
    💩T. Demoulin,💩
    🚲T. Boben
    🚲 C. Ewan
    🚲 A. deAmare
    🛴 E. Viviani
    🛴Salvatore Puccii
    🦈 V. Nibali
    🌈 J.Alaphilipe

  3. Colnago should give Pogachar back his Rim brake bike!!!

  4. Holy shit, I thought this channel had like 100K subs, but I've just looked! You always have the best commentary on every race you cover

  5. William Marshall

    Love the podcast….watch it every night…though it has the strange affect of putting me to sleep. Yes I fall asleep every night to LR…so weird.

  6. rapping Andykelly

    Con grats on reaching 13k subs hopefully 20+ after the tour de France 👊👊

  7. Looks more like B-Roll than highlights.

  8. Good commentary as always, but would you pls practice saying Ulissi? My ears can’t take this and I’m not even Italian.

  9. It's not that Tratnik didn't have good legs, no one in his right mind would expect him to follow Pogačar's tempo. After all he's not a climber, he can pace himself uphill well, but not on top climbers' pace.

  10. “I think it does matter”

  11. UAE chasing their own leader? someone is 'learning' from Movistar documentaries

  12. Just subscribed…nice commentary!

  13. uno x for tomorrow

  14. Spoiler in title

  15. Will be very interesting to see how Ineos does at the TDF against Pogacar and Roglic

  16. Can then the guy holding a flag attacked down the slide over and over again…gravity was the equalizer

  17. Benji's haircut as sharp as a mountain stage profile

  18. Liking these quickfire podcast/highlight packages gentlemen. Going from strength to strength.
    PS the stress in 'Ulissi' is on the second syllable (u-LEASE-see)

  19. I'm a bit concerned that Pogacar and in fact the entire UAE sqaud have made a mistake coming here, this race doesn't really give Tadej any racing legs as there is no remote competition here for him, and it isn't intense enough for him to treat the race as a 'training camp'. Even for Majka… feels like slightly pointless prep.

  20. 3:17 Pogacar cutting thru the field on a prototype.

  21. love the highlight they included at 0:52 of bike exchange riders getting annoyed with a pedestrian before the stage

  22. LR's tache is going to be thermobiblical by the time TdF comes around.

  23. beautiful potato

    I will be there for the baloise belgium tour I might take a LRCP sign to appear on the podcast 🙂

  24. Benji clearly spent the Le Col pay check at the hair salon. Looking sharp big guy!

    (LR needing a fresh cut)

  25. Francesco Navarro

    I was going to write something sarcastic, but the LRCP boys are too good for that. Go support them on Le Col