A Tour of a Bus on a Bus Tour

Guides and drivers inhabit their buses in ways tour members can hardly appreciate. And during rest stops, I enjoy being locked in to do a little writing. This little clip is, literally, a “bus tour.”

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  1. Thank god you ain't driving it lol

  2. 21 days on a bus but we try not to use the bathroom. What a joke.

  3. Thanks for the Tour.

  4. Christopher Stuart

    21 days on a bus? That's the equivalent of three times it takes the Trans Siberian Express to go from Moscow to the Russian Pacific coast. And you're not encouraged to use the bathroom? What do they do? Hand out catheters. Rick Steves has always seemed to be John Denver's younger, dumber brother…..

  5. What a bad vidieo. Around and around we go where we stop nobody knows. This guy needs lessons. Thumbs down.

  6. Jay-Pee Esmeralda

    I like to drive that bus.

  7. Cottage and Company

    Hey Rick, how often do you normally guide your own tours? 

  8. Sounds good !! where do I find info.
    on this tour ??

  9. I'd love to go on one someday!