Journal Square INDIAN FOOD TOUR – Pav Bhaji, Volcano Biryani & Pan | Jersey City, New Jersey


I have been hearing great things about the Indian food scene in New Jersey for years! People have been telling me I need to experience it for myself, and I finally got the chance in September of 2021. It did not disappoint! Join me on my epic, unforgettable Indian food tour of Jersey City, New Jersey!

For this adventure, I linked up with my friend Nikita, who’d be taking me around Journal Square, also known as Indian Square. This area is famous for its Indian restaurants and shops. We’d be eating lots of veg food!


Our first stop was a shop selling lots of figures of Lord Ganesha, and then we headed to Honest Restaurant, which is famous for its pav bhaji. I first tried pav bhaji at CST Train Station in Mumbai and loved it.

It’s a thick, tomato-based vegetable curry that’s eaten with fluffy white bread buns with fresh onions on the side. It contains potatoes, green peas, chilies, and tomatoes. We also had some mango lassi with it! We added a bit of lime to it.

The pav bhaji was tasty and spicy! It was a thick, buttery, and pasty curry. I loved how creamy it was, and it paired so nicely with the fluffy bread. It was easily the best pav bhaji I’ve ever had! The dish was so fresh!

Then, I sipped my mango lassi to cool down the heat in my mouth! It was very thick and filling. But the pav bhaji was so good I had to go back to it!


Next, we headed to EggMania, where they’d make us some surti gotala and volcano biryani. I watched them build the masala in the back and cook some paneer bhurji. Eggs are huge in the state of Surat, which is where surti gotala is from!

It’s amde up of shredded boiled eggs and a gravy containing butter, spices, and herbs. You eat it with toasted bread! It was really tasty and eggy, and a little spicy as well. The heat was deceptive; it sneaks up on you the more you eat!

It’s one of my favorite scrambled egg dishes I’ve ever had! This dish was so amazing and so different. The textures were fantastic and the flavors were on point! Then, we jumped on some cold cocoa, which was like a chocolate milkshake with pieces of shaved chocolate on top.

The volcano biryani had a well of gravy in it. You mix it throughout the dish along with the eggs on the bottom. It was another super buttery and spicy dish and contained a lot of flavor. It contains both a boiled egg and an omelet, so it’s an egg overload, and the gravy is unreal!

I was getting full, but we still had one more place to visit! Then, we walked to Mithas, a chaat shop that also sells Indian sweets. There, we got raj kachori and rasmalai.

The Raj kachori was cold, crunchy, savory, and refreshing. I loved the creaminess of the yogurt and the crunch of the kachori. Next, we tried the rasmalai, which is a rich and creamy dish with milk, malai, and saffron. I loved it! These were my favorite Indian dishes in America so far!

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Next, we headed to Sheetal Pan Center across the street. It’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall spot that sells sweet pan, which contains a betel nut and various nuts, sweets, and spices wrapped in a betel leaf. It’s sweet and gives you energy!

They also made us some refreshing sugarcane juice! While we were there, a fan came up to me on the street to say hi!

Then, we explored a bit more and met another fan on the street, who suggested a place for me to eat at in Edison! Then, we visited an appliance shop selling lots of Lord Ganesha statues, dosa pans, utensils, thali platters, and more.

Then I got some bangles for my daughters and the owner gave me one for myself for free!

Where have you been?

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