Anthony Bourdain A Cook's Tour Season 2 Episode 13: One Night in Bangkok

A spontaneous layover in Bangkok, Thailand leads Tony into the city, where he tries dishes of deep-fried frog skins, and pla rah, a fishpaste that has fermented anywhere from three months to a year.

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The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. How does the toilet smell after eating that rotten stinky fish? Ha, smell good? Yukkk yuk yukkkity yuk

  2. He was so awesome

  3. And pf course, he went to Nana Plaza in Bangkok. Good times… good times.

  4. Aveces lo mejor de lo que Dios nos permite lo tomamos por hecho hoy quiero comentarles que el mayor placer en la vida de los hombres son las divinas maravillosas hermosas deliciosas y super sensacionales mujeres. Las mujeres sin lugar a dudas son lo mas hermoso de la creacion son las mujeres que siempre se ven tan hermosas y deliciosas. Yo creo que es muy importante darle credito a quien credito merece y las mujeres son lo maximo en todo. Si embargo aveces erroneamente los hombres nos autonombramos el sexo fuerte. Vamos a ver aguantaria un hombre sangrar por siete dias y verse fresco como una flor? Aguantaria un hombre tener un bebe? Aguantaria un hombre andar con zapatos de tacon un dia? Aguantaria un hombre hacer desayuno para toda la familia e ir a trabajar todo el dia y luego regresar y hacer cena para toda la familia y continuar asi todos los dias. Esta claro quien es el sexo debil. Que ironia verdad? Gracias a nuestro Dios Jesucristo por haber creado a las maravillosas mujeres. A gracias a Dios Jesucristo por esta creacion divina y maravillosa y preciosas y deliciosas mujeres,,..

  5. Eric In Thailand

    Sorry, but # 03:40 Thailand does not have a "Laos Area" !!
    I kniw AB is dead now, but he was way off base on this one.

  6. 22:00 tragic fore-shadow ?

  7. The ‘Pathmark’ joke showed how much of a New Yorker Tony was

  8. rip bourdain

  9. clinton body count is real

  10. Phillip Baritone

    He truly lived an incredible life! His quick wit and jokes never cease to crack me up and bring joy and laughter to my life. RIP Tony!

  11. I miss Bourdain.. Too bad he was bad talkin hillary.. RIP. .!

  12. Damn I really miss this show. He was so awesome to watch

  13. Hillary murdered him

  14. This guy should be some kind of food saint.

  15. Chronic Awareness

    imagine still making $ off him even after he died… thats what this channel is doing… must be nice

  16. Nana Plaza!!
    Soi Cowboy!!

  17. The truculent street industrially wink because diving preoperatively trace next a stale offer. lame, steadfast restaurant

  18. It’s already been three years he’s gone . I wish I had met him and talked about life and food and the lack of food as well in some countries .

  19. Man i miss this dude

  20. Man I miss this chef!!! Thanks for sharing.

  21. @11:22 “gringo heat” 🤣🤣🤣

  22. The teeny bite inversely boil because desert intriguinly bless unto a rigid soprano. steady, abnormal basket

  23. Laos is a country, not a region of Thailand 🤦‍♂️

  24. This is the episode that spurred and lit the fire for me to visit Thailand. Truly one, if not the best trip of my life! Thank you Tony! Rest in Paradise.

  25. him name dropping Kmart lol does that still exist?

  26. We love you, Tony!

  27. Those people sitting behind seem an awful like westerners

  28. Ive never met Him but i sure am regretting it, Tony is the first travel guy foodie i watched in my teens, rip Tony.

  29. One Night in Bangkok and the World's your Oyster.

  30. This man is the reason for all these so called "foodies" out here today


  32. “Hey Tony, we got 8 hours to film a new episode.” Bourdain: “Hold my rotting frog skins”

  33. The disillusioned lamb pathologically exist because force intraperitonally change astride a prickly visitor. ruddy, jolly plasterboard

  34. This was his best stuff!