Nieuw Statendam Cruise Ship Tour

A video tour of Holland America’s Nieuw Statendam in 4k UHD. In this in-depth cruise ship tour, we look around the whole ship including bars, restaurants and much more!


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Ahoy! We’re Ben and David. We’ve been married since 2014 and live in Cambridge in the UK. About 5 years ago we caught the travel and cruise bug! Ever since we have been creating fun cruise ship videos including cruise ship tours, cruise news updates, cruise reviews, cruise tips and tricks, cruise vlogs, and much more! We take you on all of our cruise adventures around the world including the Mediterranean and Caribbean. We love to sail with the best cruise lines in the world including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O, and Carnival Cruise Line.

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  1. Anyone know how the bunk is accessed in quad cabin?

  2. Why does nobody doing Holland America cruise ships cover the wonderful performers of The Lincoln Center Stage? These are amazing musicians from Orchestras all over the world and they are fantastic! It is a huge selling point for my wife and I. So relaxing to have a drink and listen to these wonderful artists! Don't miss them and please, cover some of the music in ship reviews.

  3. Sailing on the NEW Rotterdam in November on the inaugural cruise! Since there are no videos of the ship yet I enjoyed watching yours to get an idea of what to expect on the Sister ship!

  4. HAL is my all time favourite cruise line. Vollendam was my first, to Alaska, and I have sailed many other since. The exploration lounge stunned my girlfriend who was a Princess fan – the location and views are truly amazing. I love the idea of Dutch efficiency; food always fantastic. On one cruise a 3 star Michelin chef was in attendance and the food showed it! Thanks for a great video, although I missed your naughty face…!

  5. As a Dutch person im super proud that this is a Dutch ship

  6. AHAHAHA It's Tamarind! Not Taramind!

  7. You pronounced lido wrong gawd damnit

  8. An innovative approach


  9. Can you help me choose between the Nieuw Amsterdam and the Nieuw Statendam on the exact same itinerarty?

  10. Beautiful 😍

  11. I miss this ship!! 🙁 I had an absolute blast sailing

  12. Love this ship! The only thing it lacks is seating along the promenade deck.

  13. i came back from this abt 3 weeks ago and WANNA GO BACKKKKK

  14. I loved the footage of the ship, but for the life of me, I can't stand your thick accent 🤦‍♂️

  15. natalia artemova

    Thank you! Was not sure which ship to Norway to pick, but after your video we have made the decision! What a beautiful ship. P.S.Very well made video!

  16. Just booked this ship for spring break ! I have 2 teens and an 8 year old, we wanted something classy and relaxed. My husband and I cruised Holland America about 10 years ago and were so impressed ! It has the classiness of A Disney ship, which we have done several times, but it is quiet and relaxing. Thank you for this great video!!

  17. I have seen about 8 videos on this ship now, as I embark for a 14 day cruise on this ship in 3 days. Does it have traditional Broadway shows, singing dancing, magician, and comedian shows. Or is it primarily music oriented shows. I havent been on a cruise in over 9 years so I'm not sure anymore?

  18. Too many additional costs, but hopefully the free amenities will be plenty and all you need. I'm taking this ship in 3 days for a 14 day transatlantic cruise to Florida.

  19. Thanks for an amazing video.  No Shaky cam and in 4K very nice!   Will be sailing on Nieuw Statendam in December 2019 — very much looking forward to it, my first time trying out HAL!Sharing and subscribing.

  20. Beautifully designed interiror

  21. Girlfriends Salon Dayton

    Cruising April 2020 which ocean view room locations do you suggest?

  22. I'm sailing on her in January so this video was great to get a sneak preview! Thank you

  23. Excellent ship tour. I'm now thinking of exploring this cruise line. Thanks!

  24. It’s a beautiful ship! But you forgot to film the wonderful Club HAL with entertainment for kids of all ages! On midship deck 10… 😀. Great film by the way!

  25. best review.

  26. Sailed on it in March and it was fantastic, gorgeous ship and not too crowded. Loved the blues club.

  27. This is a great ship, we sailed it in May on a Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Nice vibe, plenty to do. One of our favourite places was the Grand Dutch Cafe for a quick snack and coffee.

  28. We’re taking her to Norway at the beginning of September – what a great way to whet our appetite.

  29. She looks charming, Thank you

  30. I was on this ship two weeks ago for a norwegian fjord cruise. It is a fantastic ship I would highly recommend it. Even though the ship was at full capacity it didnt feel crowded or busy at all. Food was excellent, cabins well appointed and staff very friendly.
    I will point out that the sushi restaurant is pronounced 'Tam-a-rind' not 'Tar-a-mind'

  31. I would travel on Holland America more often if I could pronounce the name of their ships lol, A beautiful ship though.

  32. Wow whaaat very impressive looking ship I have never seen anything like it

  33. Nice…but I’m surprised so many dining options are an additional charge.

  34. What a lovely looking ship! So many flowers everywhere. And the various pieces of art were gorgeous. I'd enjoy sitting at that big front window with a big ol' cup of tea and maybe a biscuit/cookie and staring out at the scenery passing by.
    – just for information, Ben, it's lee-doe. 🙂 (that's not "American"… it's what the dictionaries all say.)

  35. Great video Ben – also great to chat to you before we embarked, enjoying watching all your videos now – keep them coming! 👍🏻👌🏻

  36. Luiz Gustavo Lima

    Impressed with so many restaurants "at additional cost"! In a few years even the Buffet will be "additional cost"….🙄

  37. I love your ship tour videos. I will never be able to go on all these gorgeous ships, but your videos make me want to cruise for every vacation.

  38. We were on this ship in April! It is a beautiful ship!

  39. WOW!

  40. Another great video. I have never been interested in HAL. I might need to sample a cruise on one of those……. dam ships. I think I would enjoy it.

  41. OMG what a beautiful ship I could jump on there right now if I could it is amazing, and another great video of another great ship I love how you show it in depth 💕🇦🇺🇲🇹

  42. It is exactly as their Koningsdam ship, which I loved it! Going on the Zuiderdam in October but have this one on my bucket list. Wondering if the high quality of service is a standard for the cruise line or it is just by ship…