Anthony Bourdain A Cook's Tour Season 2 Episode 7: The BBQ Triangle

BBQ is the classic American food that’s featured in Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina.

The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. Growing up an hour south of Seattle, out in the country mind you, we skipped the BBQ debate and made all kinds of BBQ: KC style ribs & brisket, Carolina style whole hog, Texas style brisket… anything and everything that sounds good.
    And not being from a "bbq area" gives us the freedom to learn from everybody and do anything without stigma. And heck, the south isn't going to take what we do seriously no matter what we actually do, and there's a great culinary freedom in that!

  2. Soviets: let's send a probe to the moon
    Taxans: We will send a bbq.

  3. Aveces lo mejor de lo que Dios nos permite lo tomamos por hecho hoy quiero comentarles que el mayor placer en la vida de los hombres son las divinas maravillosas hermosas deliciosas y super sensacionales mujeres. Las mujeres sin lugar a dudas son lo mas hermoso de la creacion son las mujeres que siempre se ven tan hermosas y deliciosas. Yo creo que es muy importante darle credito a quien credito merece y las mujeres son lo maximo en todo. Si embargo aveces erroneamente los hombres nos autonombramos el sexo fuerte. Vamos a ver aguantaria un hombre sangrar por siete dias y verse fresco como una flor? Aguantaria un hombre tener un bebe? Aguantaria un hombre andar con zapatos de tacon un dia? Aguantaria un hombre hacer desayuno para toda la familia e ir a trabajar todo el dia y luego regresar y hacer cena para toda la familia y continuar asi todos los dias. Esta claro quien es el sexo debil. Que ironia verdad? Gracias a nuestro Dios Jesucristo por haber creado a las maravillosas mujeres. A gracias a Dios Jesucristo por esta creacion divina y maravillosa y preciosas y deliciosas mujeres,,..

  4. Carlton Bredell

    I truly miss Anthony Bourdain.

  5. Tony: What should I order here? (at Oklahoma Joe's)
    Director of the K.C. BBQ Society: Well my favorite menu item is the Carolina Pork Sandwich…
    Tony: Who makes the best BBQ?
    Her: Well K.C. of course…

  6. Texas BBQ is the most imitated BBQ in the world…..just sayin

  7. omg i miss him so much i can't sleep and i can't eat because he was a famous chef and i miss him so much RIP Anthony

  8. Burnt ends slave food

  9. Chris McClendon

    Didn't include Memphis AND didn't go the most reknown and popular places in Kansas City or Texas.

  10. I thought this dude hung up?

  11. Francisco Rivas

    Everyone has Texas at #2 or #1. That means Texas is King. Even Koreans are making Texas BBQ. I've had KC, Memphis (disappointing), NC (very good), & others. Best I've had was in Texas & Florida. The guy in Florida learned the craft in Texas.

  12. Eric In Thailand

    The show was from 2003

  13. I realize Tony wanted to do an international show, but, on the whole, getting out to some of these obscure small areas in the American flyovers was probably good for him. I note that he was impressed with the culinary sophistication of many of these folks. "Asymmetrical flavors" indeed!

  14. It's annoying to see a closeup of AB eating.

    And let's get real: how long before one gets sick and tired of that gooey sauce?

  15. Half the jokes/comments that were made in this episode wouldn’t fly today. Shame how soft everyone has gotten in such a relatively short amount of time.

  16. I’m starving just watching this baked

  17. He had a dream life, traveling & eating. He was on the same flight awhile back. Why would he hang himself?

  18. Can't say what state has the best BBQ it all looks delicious made by great meat connoisseur

  19. I think North Florida has had its own tradition of barbecue, which starts with smoked meat and then puts on the sauce. I've not tried all those other folks' barbecue but do have a knowledge of local.

  20. Spank it!

  21. Jack O'Callaghan

    Chicago isn’t even mentioned in this???


  23. Texas bbq is a no go for me, definitely not worth the hype. Kansas City bbq is the most underrated and imo the best. The best bbq I’ve ever had is in Kansas City.

  24. Anthony eats at Franklins … “The best I’ve ever had” ….. thanks and good night

  25. Anthony didn’t kill himself.

  26. Joe Bwan Kenobi

    Lol in KC they have copycat Carolina pulled pork? Tells me all I need to know, NC boy here.

  27. Maybe threw them away in Kansas City. Texas been eating burnt ends since we taught Kansas what a brisket was.

  28. "if it moves, bbq it",
    – You'll be missed

  29. Joel Rico Acosta

    Como extraño estos programas antony mas cuando tengo hambre RIP antony latinoamerica y el mundo te extrañamos

  30. Also, Tennessee bbq is awesome

  31. BBQ was originated in the Caribbean wasn’t it? Barbacoa

  32. Complex man but loved his style and attitude.