My Natural Looking 5-Star Island Tour! Animal Crossing New Horizons

Today in Animal Crossing New Horizons I wanted to showcase my own natural look 5 Star Island. I think I spent around 100 hours or so putting this all together and getting to the 5 Star rank.

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  1. Same, I am not into decorating the game until my nintendo switch lags. If an area lags alot, I will tear down the whole thing and remake it lol. But we play the game how we want 😀 kudos to those crazy looking islands

  2. Kiersten Pounders

    OMG I’m so glad your island has a ridiculous name too…. I named mine “Bootyville” at 3 am when I was delirious and thought I could change it later… 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. haha pp island funnt

  4. I’m someone who doesn’t terraform people waterscape that much (I waterscape and terraform but not much because I like my island to be more simple and not too extreme) and I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  5. A simple Island is much better I think

  6. Does anyone else like chickens and don't mind them so much?

  7. x p e a c h i i x

    i have scoot too hes awsome you need to get him!

  8. milky does roblox

    My names Ava 🥲

  9. Techno dragon Games

    Mines kinda city/cottage core

  10. "This is my tombstone, I think it looks good there" uh………

  11. Hi pls can u do a dream code I would love to go visit it in person and to give me ideas for my own island

  12. I want to make my island exactly like this I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH

  13. I like how he don’t care about the look of the villagers and I really liked your island you are very creative!! =)

  14. Almost every island has a zen garden because the game.has tons of bamboo DIYs and zen themed items. It is a Japanese game after all.

  15. CrowdControlQueen

    I like your island. My island’s layout is still pretty much the same. The only thing I terraformed was just a few waterfalls that I added and that’s it. I still have the natural river that ran across my island splitting it in two parts. ❤️

  16. Your island is almost identical to mine map wise. Only difference is the extra stretch of land on your left side, mine is on the right close-ish to the rock.

  17. I get ugly villagers i wonder if it's my Island look that gets me ugly villagers🤔😡

  18. watched the vid to see what the game is like, you got a cool island but i still dont understand the game, feel like i would be forever ocding things ? :L

  19. 18:25 Or maybe it signifies that you wanna sell some crystal meth with your high school student…

  20. I get so pressed when people bash themselves or feel "depressed" over their islands not looking like the one's that they see on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. 🙄 Like bro, what a waste of emotions and time. Imagine playing 300 hours to hate your island because it doesn't have 'the path' or something stupid like that. And this goes for other things in life too 😂😂 Omg I'm getting so mad just thinking about it. The amount of time I've wasted hating my body 🙄 I could've used to do something useful for myself

  21. I love this island 🤧🌼

    Also we all paid for our switchs and animal crossing so we can do whatever we want with it 🙄 if you don't like how someone else is playing their game then kindly go away, go meditate, drink water or tell your mom you love her instead of bashing others


  23. Love your island! My island theme also is random (sort of) but I really like the way you organized everything. My island is still a mess although it is a 5 start and I'm going to completely redo it. Hope it's ok if I coy some of your layout. Again, great job!

  24. Omg yesss I’m just like you, I’m someone who is creating the island with no theme, just something that looks nice, a concept idea with no theme, I’ll add it. Currently still halfway haha so don’t have a completed island yet

  25. I love this island tour so much because it's one of the only island tours that people make that don't make me feel like a crappy designer for my island just because I want it to look natural.

  26. Cool I love this! My island theme is a pastel cottagecore themed

  27. I want to do this so bad to get a five star island so kk can come, but I need pathing and you can only get that after kk comes TwT

  28. I want someone to come and terraform my island (because I hate terraforming) and then I’ll just come and remodel everything 😭

  29. حرم بن هويدن

    Why when I see another player island i started to hate mine and wanted to change it and start all over again

  30. I would recommend adding more flowers, bushes, and hedges! Otherwise awesome looking island!

  31. I’ve only put in like 60 hours into my island (full time job problems, ya know), and I just got 5 stars. I’m excited, but my island def doesn’t deserve it! Lol mine is soooooo plain and not organized at all!

  32. Put a rock garden in the area bellow the villagers