Barcelona Food Tour at LA BOQUERIA and Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain, Travel Guide!

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On Day 21 of our Round The World Trip for food with Star Alliance, we spent the day in Barcelona. Barcelona is an amazing food city, and one of the best places to start eating is at La Boqueria. After eating and wandering, we headed over to Sagrada Família for a breathtaking tour. It was an amazing day of food and attractions in Barcelona.

00:34 Breakfast at Cotton House Hotel – We started off the morning at our hotel by having a quick breakfast. The jamon and selection of cured meats was the highlight.

2:53 Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria – Often known in short just as La Boqueria, this historical market is a food lover’s paradise and a pilgrimage destination. We arrived early in the morning and headed first to Bar Pinotxo to eat our second breakfast. I ordered an omelet with eggplant and a plate of garbanzo beans and blood sausage. The dish was simple, but it was incredibly delicious. Additionally, the coffee was extremely good. Total price – 12.80 EUR ($14.04)

6:59 El Quim De La Boqueria – After finishing with the first place of tapas, I wandered over to another legendary tapas bar within La Boqueria market known as El Quim De La Boqueria. It’s a very expensive place, but I knew I wanted to try the fried eggs with baby squid. The dish was a simple combination of ingredients, but it was cooked perfectly, and it was incredibly delicious. I also couldn’t resist a plate of fried chilies. Total price – 32.05 EUR ($35.16) There are dozens of things to eat and try at La Boqueria, and after all the salty food I was ready to have a passion fruit juice. And then finally, to conclude the Barcelona food tour of La Boqueria, I bought a cone of sliced Jamón Ibérico.

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14:14 Gothic Quarter, Barcelona Cathedral – After an amazing food tour, we walked around the Christopher Columbus monument and then continued on walking around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The Barcelona Cathedral was originally closed when we arrived, but I came back in a few minutes and walked around the Barcelona Cathedral as well.

16:37 Xarcutería La Pineda – Located just around the corner from the Barcelona Cathedral, I headed over to a place called Xarcutería La Pineda (recommended by Chris English), to try the botifarra blanca and a cup of vermouth. It’s an amazing little family run shop with a fantastic array of meats and drinks. Total price – 11.50 EUR

21:25 Basílica de la Sagrada Família – One of the most famous attractions in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, a basilica that was famous designed by Antoni Gaudi. I had read and dreamed about visiting for many years, so I was very excited to finally have the chance to visit. What amazed me is how dark and gothic it looks from the outside, yet how light and happy it is on the inside. Sagrada Familia is truly a stunning architectural feat, and an attraction you must visit in Barcelona. Along with visiting the main part of Sagrada Familia, I also bought tickets to go to the Nativity Tower. Going to the top of the tower and walking down was the highlight of visiting. Price – 29.00 EUR per person w/ tower entrance

26:16 Catalan Food for dinner at Restaurant Portolés – For dinner Ying and I walked over to Restaurant Portolés, a local Catalan food restaurant. Some of the main dishes I ordered included Fideuà and Rollitos De Pollo, all of which were delicious. It’s a great restaurant to try in Barcelona. Total price – 26.50 EUR

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This was a fantastic day in Barcelona, packed with delicious food and attractions in Barcelona.

Disclaimer and :
Thank you to Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets ( for sponsoring my business class flights.
Thank you to Cotton House Hotel, Autograph Collection for sponsoring my stay in Barcelona.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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