Indian SCAM CALL CENTRE Food Tour ☕📞

I went to try all the street food that Indian phone scammers eat to power them through the millions of dodgy phone calls they make daily. These food shacks are located outside a big scam call centre in West Bengal. Not all the businesses in the office block are scam call centres, but there are some there. I was blown away by how delicious, clean, and cheap the food was! Why not go there for yourself when you’re in Siliguri?

We ate Chicken Paratha, Veg Fried Rice, Special Wai Wai Noodles, Masala Chai, and the yummiest Samosas with Green Chili Chutney in India. All dishes were homemade and freshly prepared. You can’t beat it! I recommend you all go there and eat, it’s a unique experience.

See my exclusive with a Microsoft Tech Support scammer from West Bengal

Watch me busting scam call centres in India


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  1. Namaste Dosto, my West Bengal videos were filmed before Lockdown. Go and try this food once life resumes. I hope the store venders and that sweet little boy I met are doing ok. Stay safe all ♥ Jai Hind PS. My forehead: I smashed it into a big piece of rusty metal while ducking under clothing on a washing line. I know, weird. It sucked. It's healed now though.

  2. You have to visit kolkata, you can get different type of famous delicious food which you never get anywhere .

  3. Good approach talk abt food then ……

  4. I think he got sponsored by all of the scammers there to promote a job where no qualifications are needed good wage and amazing food! 😂

  5. Makashi Hakayusa

    Pls come here in Japan. Nobodys scam you.and serving you a clean foods.

  6. I used to work here,……..but I left, I couldn't do it …….I feel pity for the victims……

  7. I used to work here,……..but I left, I couldn't do it …….I feel pity for the victims……

  8. 8:01 wai wai noodle single packet cost is perhaps just 5 or 6 rupees(wholesale). Egg will cost them 3 rupees each. Plus they don't even use good oil. So 20 rupees is a win for seller. Yes they work hard but as an individual you have to worry about your own health.

  9. 20 rupees saffrons. Are you kidding? Those are berestas (crispy fried onions).

  10. West Bengal has the cheapest & best food in India quantity & quality wise!

  11. Oh so many scammers in such big buildings Good that all these scams got busted atleast people should now realize that it is stupid to have a scam life get some talent and do something original and get a life.

  12. Why you always mention scam in your vedio title

  13. They just seem like poor people who need to make a living more than nefarious scammers

  14. He travels India more than i do

  15. Street food in Bengal and Orissa is quite cheap and tasty compared to the rest of India. My only gripe – very dirty food joints. They do not take the effort to maintain cleanliness.

  16. He looks like pewdiepie

  17. Actually the place you are referring is not exactly considered siliguri…it is sort of located on the outskirts of siliguri

  18. HALA SHNONG Channel

    Everything in india is scam skam

  19. I see it as an interesting way of getting reparations from white people (assuming that's who are mostly targeting), you know the original scammers

  20. Lol… I am from siliguri.. And I know every place you showed in this video😆

  21. Can't help but ask, did you get an injury? There's something like a blood clot on your forehead.

  22. Abhishek Chakrabarty

    So I actually thought of getting into a software company..but after watching this…I am changing my goal…just because WEBEL was a state government initiative…now if this can be scam then just forget other IT startups in india…

  23. Looks delicious 😋

  24. If my last resource is robbing a bank …would that justify as well?
    It's their last resource come on u just lost a subscriber for defending scammer…
    Maybe one day your grandparents got scam and then i wait for your opinion

  25. India's wolf of wall streets