COLOSSAL Crab Claws!! 🦀 Ultimate MIAMI FOOD TOUR – Florida, USA (Part 2)

🎥 Miami Food Tour – Part 1:
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If you haven’t already seen The Ultimate Miami Food Tour, Part 1, you can watch it here: #Miami #Crab #MiamiFood

Now, Part 2:

We pick up this Ultimate Miami Food Tour in Little Havana.

Azucar Ice Cream Company – After the giant Cuban sandwich and Cuban burger, we headed to Azucar Ice Cream Company, serving Cuban inspired ice cream with a variety of unique and delicious flavors. Great place, great staff, and fun place to eat ice cream.

Budare Bistro – Venezuelan Restaurant – Next, David took me to eat at one of his favorite Venezuelan restaurants in Miami, and it was extraordinary. We ordered the Cachapa, Tequenos, and the Arepa Budare. Food was fantastic! Prices – $5 – $10 per dish

Garcia’s Seafood Grille – Finally, to wrap up this ultimate Miami food tour, we went to Garcia’s Seafood Grille, which is both a restaurant and seafood market, and it was probably the highlight of this entire food tour with David. Garcia’s is a family run seafood business and they serve without a doubt some of the best and freshest local seafood in all of Miami. They have a host of different seafoods, but their real highlight are their Florida stone crab claws and their Florida spiny lobster. They were cooked perfectly, nothing covering the freshness of the natural flavor. It was my first time to try Florida stone crabs, a delicacy in Florida, and a crab worth traveling for just to eat – a pillar of the Florida culinary world. Thank you to Garcia’s Seafood Grille for the amazing meal!

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And that completes this ultimate Miami Food Tour! Miami is diverse, people are cool, and you’ll find a huge variety of delicious food.

Thanks again to David Hoffman ( for taking us around his hometown of Miami.

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  1. Hope you are having a great day! This video was filmed back in January 2020, that's why we are not wearing face masks and sharing food. But now, please take safety measures by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Be careful, and stay safe. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in Miami right now. If you haven't already seen Miami Food Tour – Part 1, you can watch it here:

  2. I’d love to see stone crab claws prepared Singaporean chili crab style. I would be the best of two world.

  3. As a Venezuelan, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for this amazing video. Thank you so much for uploading this video. I’m so glad you try our food and heaved you at sour city. Hope you enjoyed your stay over here! Viva Venezuela y Cuba Libre!

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