Inside The MOST EXPENSIVE Home ever sold in Colorado | Mansion Tour

Inside The MOST EXPENSIVE Home in Colorado | Mansion Tour! In this weeks episode we are in Aspen, Colorado and have the privilege of taking you inside the most expensive home ever sold in the history of Colorado real estate. This property was so exclusive the entire deal was done off market. Comment below if you want to see more exclusive home tours like this one and make sure to subscribe for future episodes!

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Filmed + Edited by: @DroneHub

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Specs:11 Bedrooms, 17 Baths 22,000 sq ft interior space 4.5 Acre lot
SOLD FOR: $72,500,000
Listing Agents: Riley Warwick & Joshua Saslove
Phone: 970.989.8157
Email: [email protected]

Property Description:
*Off Market deal, no listing link*

Welcome to the channel! Erik Conover is an American YouTuber, Real Estate Agent and adventure filmmaker living in New York City with his golden retriever puppy, Theodore. Conover creates lifestyle travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with his million-dollar luxury listings series giving viewers exclusive access to some of the most beautiful luxury homes on the market.

0:00 – Intro / Exterior of home
1:54 – Great Room
3:53 – Dining Room / Gourmet Kitchen / Movie Theater
8:13 – Guest Wing
11:58 – Wine Cellar / Media Room / Gym
14:33 – Additional guest rooms
15:25 – Owners Wing
18:24 – Backyard / Guest house
20:18 – with Agent

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2021
#HouseTour #MegaMansion #LuxuryRealEstate

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  1. In this weeks episode we had the exclusive opportunity to take you inside the most expensive residential home ever sold in the state of Colorado! Comment below what you think of this home!

  2. The pool looks ridiculous. they should have committed to either making it look like it was a part of the nature-scape, or making it look like a pool. As it stands, it looks like a fancy pool that someone threw some boulders in to. It's a half-baked idea.

  3. I have watched a lot of mansion tour videos on Youtube over the years and wow this has been, without doubt the most beautifully done house i have ever seen. Absolutely exquisitely done and one house i would definitely say is worth the money, truly gorgeous property.

  4. When I see this kind of house I'm always wondering…what do these peoples actually do in it? I mean, do they watch the same show on Netflix and all? Are there some children drawing on the wall? Do they also sometimes bring a mcdonald burger on that crazy table?
    I mean, I get they are way richer than me but they're still humans…

  5. its fugly sorry

  6. What you call prep kitchens are butlers kitchens not prep.

  7. I guess we all agree our home is still the best for us.

  8. rosemary deeznuts


  9. icantenternamedontbegme lolwhat

    colorado is american's switzerland

  10. They're so rich that in their birthdays they have two cakes…

  11. The tumbail is dumplicating the image of the house?

  12. Recreational Spreadsheets

    whoever lives here won’t ever appreciate the ecosystems that were destroyed to build that house. I hate that this sort of lifestyle is romanticized

  13. Fundo Marcusburg Patrick Thwala

    What a lovely home for a family with great views and I personally appreciate the architectural details, with less wallpapers, I love the traditional look too

  14. I am sorry but which "young people" from miami, la, and ny are moving to aspen to be able to afford $20-80 million dollar homes just like that? I would like to empathize on the YOUNG

  15. Candice Williams

    Omg, such a beautiful home, I think I'm in love 😍

  16. 72.m adverts throughout this video.

  17. Breathtaking! The views of the mountain are unbelievable. A perfectly clear photo…❤️❤️❤️👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

  18. You can go mountain biking and hiking in Phoenix as well PLUS nicer weather IMHO.

  19. Change Your Energy

    Well that's not a house. That's a b n b. No house needs 8 washers n dryers

  20. Change Your Energy

    Always wondered why people would want a house that size. It's definitely a waste of money. Imagine what the utility bill is. Not to mention monthly upkeep and yearly taxes.

  21. Kenneth Patterson

    65 million for the land.

  22. WOWSERS,!!!!!

  23. It’s crazy that my pathetic existence lives in the same state as someone capable of purchasing a $72.5 million home. Not really surprised though. 😂

  24. Intrested in live in maintenance position! Have references!

  25. I live in colorado

  26. Only 4.5 acres? WTF? Rip-off

  27. Business Purchase

    Does it snow

  28. Freak'n imagine – if you dare.. I mean, "if you will"…the cleaning/maintenance/upkeep in $$$$'s alone. I'm sorry…great presentation for sure. But
    five miutes into this, and I felt nauseous.. for real. Had to pause. Someday…in to the future…what becomes of all of this? I've been wanting and
    needing a small tractor for years. Seeing this sell? Gives me more hope that someday.. someday.. someday.. someday.. someday..TY. Great VID

  29. I sure hope this home, and every room, is used extensively. It’s sad to see so many hard working people in this country that would never get to experience this type of luxury. Going unused would be a disgrace and insulting

  30. 3 generations of my clan can live here!

  31. Rich Farfugnuven

    I would want a secret bunker underneath the house…