Full Cabin Tour | Before & After 1 Year of Renovations

After 1 year of cabin renovations, it’s time for a FULL TOUR 🏡 Booking travel is cheaper on Hopper. New users that sign up with my link will receive a $10 Carrot Cash reward that can be applied towards their first hotel booking. Download Hopper through this link:

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We’re Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple who previously lived and traveled full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! When the pandemic hit in 2020 we made the difficult decision to abandon our van in Africa and fly home to Canada. Now we’re here… living at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness! Things are coming to a close after nearly 1 year of cabin renovations. While we will always be adding to, tweaking and finishing up this DIY home project we are ready to tour you around the entire cabin including lots of before & after footage!!

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1:00 we have two bathrooms!
2:57 before & after the kitchen renovation
5:23 the wall of windows
9:54 guest bedroom number 1
11:00 the loft space sleeps 8 people
12:20 it’s a sketchy loft hammock 😳
12:45 primary bedroom
13:55 before & after the screened in porch
15:00 we built an amazing deck
16:26 outdoor shower
17:53 62 steps to the lake
19:16 Eamon’s tool shed
20:50 our six acres of land
22:55 welcome to the boathouse

Catch up on our cabin in the woods videos:

We’ve always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international van life travels. While we are looking forward to rescuing our abandoned van from Morocco, we are so so grateful to have this space to call home!

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Eamon & Bec
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  1. I'm so emotional this morning realizing just how far we've come and how much hard work has gone into making this rundown, 70s cabin our dream home. Thank you all for coming on this journey with us. What an adventure 🔨🚧🏡 … what's your favourite space?!?!

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  4. cooked a bowl of pasta just so that i have something to munch on while watching this video. ps. its 2 30 in the morning

  5. My husband also goes off the deck 👍🏻😂
    Stay safe in Morocco.

  6. Playtime with Macy

    Are you guys going to have kids?

  7. My Alexa went off when you said Alexa turn on heat I can’t get her to shut off I finally just did though

  8. You've done a great job both of you but dude ! ! Nobody wants you to be showing off Anything. Keep Bec in the picture with you or alone wo you….. Bec is MUCH easier on the eyes if you want viewership! ! Great bikini by the way…………

  9. I love the live edge on the island countertop. Beautiful and functional all in one go. 👍🏻

  10. Beautiful job! Congratulations and safe travels!❤️🙏

  11. Please never kick Charleston out!

  12. I.T.S.H. Productions

    My Alexa responded to you saying, "I am feeling excited, because it is the week of Halloween 🎃! Maybe they should call it "HalloweeK", Bazzingah!"

  13. You two are so cute

  14. what happended to mousa

  15. Coming from a fellow Ontarian, your illegal deck will more likely be a problem if/when you sell it because that is when you have to declare everything. So if you want to avoid the headache of dealing with an illegal deck while trying to sell it, it is best to eventually take care of it.

  16. love the backsplash tile in the kitchen

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    Hope a meet up be in Michigan, came over from Nate and Kara s channel….
    Just LOVE you 2 !!!!!!!!


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    Pee time is Me time…😆

  19. Dark Night Relaxation

    Is it just me or don't people not put hammock too high in their house , or atleast have somethig soft underneath , Don't trust those small screws too much , you never really know . Seeing it through the screen is giving me anxiety .

  20. Y’all are literally the BLUEPRINT. Like how can a couple be so fucking perfect ??? But you’re also so normal and humble I can’t even get annoyed 😂💜💜💜

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  22. OMG, your cabin is an absolute dream! We would love to have something like this one day.

  23. Nandini Parashar

    This cabin is soooo damnn amazing!!!!!

  24. Nobody cares about your bathroom habits, all humans have them, just redundant and meaningless!

  25. You got 6 people in/on your van. How many fit in the house? The deck is illegal because everyone secretly wants one, but hate that you have one. I see in your future many deck building projects. Mouse in the van: sticky pad with a peanut in the middle. Their greed traps them in some super sticky glue.

  26. You have a breathtakingly beautiful place. You guys have been patient for so long, you totally deserve it!

  27. Amazing place

  28. I just love that while ya'll are always working towards your ideal perfect life, you aren't just sharing only the pinterest perfect end result. Like your totally average and normal fridge and linen closet chaos that EVERY household in America has had the pleasure of experiencing. The fitted sheet struggle is real, thanks for showing that as well as the pinterest goals.

  29. Y'all are So Cute. Love what you have done with this cabin. I found y'all on Kara and Nates YouTube. And Y'all Are just as cute… eamon love his personality he's funny. And just love both of y'all. Y'all are fun.

  30. Bidets are life changing! And toilet paper saving! Your hiney will thank you!

  31. are you selling it or renting it to people?

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  33. love it!!!!

  34. OMG you guys, what an awesome renovations! The was a great tour and Eamon man, you made me laugh so much with your crazy spontaneous comes and jockes. Love you both! 😘

  35. That window wall was a good call. Can't believe it wasn't already there with those spectacular views! Great remodel.

  36. Deborah1russell. Russell

    You guys did an amazing job. I love it.

  37. Came here via Kara and Nate.. absolutely loving your content.
    More energy to you guys..❤️

  38. Congratulations, it looks beautiful. Many years of happiness to you both! (I still cant believe how fast you did all of that!)

  39. I Love love the kitchen . Eamon we have a lot you are more than welcome to in northern Indiana. If you prod my husband to do repairs. I mean prod him not do them .

  40. Finally got around to watch this video and I just wanna say… I wanna move in!! 😍

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