Las Vegas DOWNTOWN FOOD TOUR | BEST FOOD Fremont Street Experience

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Exploring Las Vegas downtown and the Fremont . Tons of good food to be found, especially the tacos and sandwich!

Restaurants I went to:
Donut Bar
124 S 6th St 140, Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Goodwich
900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Los Arcos Birrieria y Taco Shop
2201 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Evel Pie
508 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Dirt Dog
450 E Fremont St Ste 123, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Sister’s Oriental Market
1732 E Fremont St A, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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  1. Wow..I'm a local, and I've got to try this Donut place out..I'd guess it's in the Arts District? I'll find out…🤔

  2. I'm on to you Mike. You never record yourself (actually) swallowing the food you chew. That's your secret. That's how you stay thin. And that's how you can eat so much in one day. You hardly ever swallow the food. Anyone else notice this?

  3. The abstracted table lamentably crush because napkin preclinically snatch apud a flaky herring. capable, eager muscle

  4. Like your show. Those donut fats go straight to the heart 🙂

  5. celestial beginner🐛🦋

    Oh damn, you hit all my favorite spots. I lived downtown and everyplace you went to were places I went to frequently and if you stick around there are so many more.

  6. Love my Raycons. The Heart Attack Grill promoting severe obesity is……lame.

  7. Holo Holo Adventures

    Yum 😋 donuts.

  8. Heart Attack Grill. "Weigh more then 350 and you eat free".
    So a third of America eats free ?

  9. I wish I could live life like you mike!


  11. It’s funny I told my older Chinese coworker about this show and he never met a Chinese guy that never ate white rice until he saw your videos. He did tell me people from your region prefer noodles though. 🤷‍♂️

  12. I have raycons and so does my son they have great sound but he drops his all the time while skateboarding 3 years later they finally cracked open but still works just glued them together but he was tuff on them

  13. Beezhan Gholizadeh-anzabi

    Try PublicUs on Fremont street in Vegas!

  14. I have to go to that market asap! I have never seen tripe in larb before. Not a fan of tripe but my family would be amazed! And the noodles look so delicious! I wanna eat it now!

  15. Sheena Valencia

    So, this is the first hotel… Which one did you hit next? I'm trying to watch all in order… But I see you have like only 3 hotel reviews here… And you said you went to the Aria skysuites in one of the videos… Soooooo… Where can I watch that one? Thanks..

  16. Lots of great food in Downtown Vegas!

  17. MIKEY! Can you do a workout video? You're looking thicc! 👌

  18. Only in America would you be rewarded with extremely unhealthy food for already being unhealthy 🤦‍♂️😖

  19. Wes Davies 衛斯理

    They should really call that place Laos Vegas

  20. Patricia Schmitt

    You are damn good for 'restaurant' business in Vegas. I sure hope they all realize that!!

  21. Next time you are in Vegas. Go try Lao Thai ST food.

  22. I live in the condo's above The Goodwich.I guess I am just lucky.

  23. Me really wanting to visit Las Vegas. Cool day be like 95°F. Im from the Netherlands and we use celcius, so I just googled it, 35 on the coolest day are you kidding me omg. It gets like 35°c once here in the Netherlands and that's pretty much how high it can get. How can I survive the hot days 😂😂

  24. Souphathay Chatouphonexay

    I really want Mikey to have a food trip in Luangprabang, try Tam-maak -hung and Xeen-daad 🥺🥺

  25. Those tacos are calling my name!

  26. Elizabeth Almaraz

    How long do u stay in Vegas when u go to Vegas

  27. OMG! Thanks for this one.

  28. Thanks for showing off downtown Vegas as it sometimes gets overlooked. The Donut Bar is awesome. Not only great donuts but the staff lead by Jeff and Joe are 2nd to none.

  29. Jordan da Silva

    BEST VID for DOWNTOWN LV EATS. I'm stoked af to FEAST like a BEAST tomorrow.👹