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Aberdeen, the city that meets the sea, sits in a location and has a whole host of incredible attractions, quirky gems, and picturesque places to explore. The city is famous for its stunning, sparkling, granite buildings and monuments which shimmer in the sunlight, one of which being the newly renovated Aberdeen Art Gallery.

The gallery is filled to the brim with striking pieces of art, incredible masterpieces, fine art collections and is also a great spot to learn all about the region’s history and fascinating stories. Head on a tour of the Balmoral Gallery to hear all about the tales of Scotland’s romantic side at the time of Queen Victoria and why the region became so popular for the royals to .

Explore a variety of other galleries, such as James McBey – Artist Adventurer where you can delve into the life and passions of Aberdeenshire-born self-taught etcher, draftsman and painter, war artist and society portraitist.

Or head to the Art of Empowerment gallery which explores the changing status of women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries through intricate arts and crafts.

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