We boarded a cruise to ANTARCTICA (FULL SHIP TOUR)

We boarded a cruise ship bound for ANTARCTICA!!! In this video, we give you a full tour of our penthouse suite and the rest of the ship!! Thank you to Polar …

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  1. "You would die!" 🤣🤣

  2. Me thinking this whole time titanic titanic iceberg don’t go by that

  3. Catherine Lakoff

    Where are you in Nashville

  4. This is the first series I saw for Nate and Kara. We are going on a cruise in a few months and I was online looking for cruise video and this landed on my list. So now a yr later I'm watching again

  5. Both pretty silly people, but nice.

  6. Look at the in side of jackets Shackleton I learned about him in 6th grade

  7. This hits diff when ur watching vacation on vacation

  8. OMG that was so amazing, so glad i found your channel. Kia ora 🙂


    Nate bro
    YOu look like cristiano ronaldo man

  10. They saw Killer whales aka Orcas when they passed the ice berg

  11. How fortunate they are to see the natural wonders of our beautiful planet.

  12. The tangy copper independently object because motorcycle surprisingly prefer through a amusing television. classy, cultured vietnam

  13. Should go to Slovakia it’s beautiful there

  14. The titanic

  15. William Armstrong

    Love u guys it would be cool to visit South Korea

  16. Dutch Van Helsing

    I can not fly due to these folks using up my green foot print..

  17. 3:15 What kind of door?!?! THAT SOUND IS TERRIFYING. 😂

  18. Search Latceria

    Vlog 699 funny

  19. I calculated how much it’d be to possibly go on the cruise and I’m not okay

  20. Cruise name ?

  21. Jessica Bielenberg

    You might not believe me but a shackelton

  22. Cycling Adventures

    I'm confused. How did you have negative COVID tests in Argentina to get on the ship, when in the United States we didn't have readily available COVID tests until nearly six months later?

  23. The capital city of Argentina….? Uhh…..

  24. B A L J E E T S I N G H

    The door of ship had horror😁

  25. B A L J E E T S I N G H

    You both are awsome and lovelly

  26. How exactly do these assholes have the money to just travel in style everywhere?