Would you rather have a solar powered yacht or a sail boat? Chasing the wind or the SUN?! ☀️⛵️ Thank you Silent Yachts for hosting us!

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  1. In my mind, this is a high point example of a rich person asking themselves what they can help do to minimise their impact on the planet and doing it right.

  2. Awesome yacht I wish I could buy one, great video guys.

  3. hunt,fish,farm repeat

    you cant see anything when driving inside😂

  4. I'll give you my house, up for the switch? ahahah xD No seriously … do you make smaller versions of these boats?

  5. do you guys have kids

  6. However many hours you've spent on your phone fantasizing about this boat, I've done twice that. Loved your video…it was excellent.

  7. Stanley Masterson

    Somehow, "trampoline" and "edge of boat" seem like a really bad combination

  8. I watched this video and started getting YouTube ads for luxury catamaran cruises. Thanks, Kara and Nate.

  9. Do you dock a yacht this size? How do you do it if there is no steering wheel?

  10. 16:58 You should see how small the knob is that drives gigantic cruise ships. The Costly Concordia crashed cause a guy was trying to get laid by playing with his little knob.

  11. Adventure Of Nahid

    I think you guys are advertising their business and it's a cool boat.

  12. Ерулан Карибеков

    It's incredible 😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Yo Nashville check!! Also, awesome video!! I did not know they made an all electric catamaran, very useful for off grid living.

  14. Its not a hot water heater it's just a water heater, you don't heat hot water.

  15. lucifer morningstar

    kara and nate are hiding brian in there van

  16. Isaac jovi Bula

    why there is no wind turbines ?

  17. OMG…. 😍

  18. Why do so many folks “heat hot water?”

  19. LOL Sunglasses as you get out the water? Total fakery like your channel!

  20. cant wait to be a pirate and raid one of those beauties

  21. So, what they do when it’s cloudy?

  22. Was that the Crown Plaza at the airport in Singapore…looks like a suite I stayed in when I was there.

  23. They said the Tesla of the sea, but what i saw is the slowest Tesla 🤣😂

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  25. My Container Garden

    WOW! Recently dealt with the loss of my brother and I watch your videos and they give me strength to live life and cheerish it! Great Videos! Keep up the Good Work!

  26. HI you guys are so cool!!

  27. what breed is the dog tinker ??

  28. How much $$$$

  29. Cherylee Wilcox

    I'd like to see how it operates crossing from Cape Town to St Helena and onto Brazil.

  30. It takes some balls or an huge ego to ask a company for a free yacht to use for a full year. I’m gonna have to start asking for crazy free stuff. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a free house or Bentley

  31. This is LIVING… THE… LIFE!!

  32. I love this as the future of powered yachting or living at sea! Imagine eliminating fuel costs on a powered vessel (which can be absolutely a huge amount of money). This is it. Now apply this tech to industrial use – like fishing trawlers & such.
    A (couple) pop up wind generators could be useful at least for emergency use. When it's cloudy & stormy there's usually plenty of wind to harvest energy from. It could make the diesel use very rare. Also there are renewable green diesel fuel options that are essentially carbon neutral (if anyone has a problem with diesel use).

  33. This is just so cool!!

  34. Wow I whish I can also ride on that Solar Yatch before I die. It will be a wonderful experience.

  35. 14:42 the guy summoned spiderman

  36. 4:04 – "You're gonna have to drag me off this thing." I love how this ties with the end of the video with you being dragged off the boat. I don't blame you for wanting to move in. 😃

  37. How big of a storm can it handle?

  38. It’s bigger than my house lol

  39. Philippe Bernard

    Je suis jaloux !!!!

  40. can i go there iam a big fan

  41. Beautiful

  42. Ugh. You guys are just too cute <3

  43. This is fantastic, I was waiting for a review with someone who was actually living on board the Silent Yacht. It's hard to find reviews since there are only a dozen or two of these in the wild.

  44. Chris Jason Villanueva

    love and adventure its nice🤍


  46. It’s SO modern I <3 it

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