P&O Cruises Iona Ship Tour: The NEWEST Ship in the world!

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  1. Cruise With Ben and David

    Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel 🎉 Get up to 65% OFF in your subscription ▶️ HERE: https://go.babbel.com/12m65-youtube-cruisewithbenanddavid-aug-2021/default

  2. We loved every moment on her maiden voyage , were going to the canaries on 18th December on her , can't wait 😄

  3. Chantelle Bouriachi agren


  4. Anthony Rochester

    We think there are too much extra charges.the ship is very nice and spacious.

  5. manuel santiago vasswovava


  6. IONA was the final nail in the P&O coffin for me . Poor standards of food , (even the epicurean used frozen then deep fried produce), absolute shambolic app , we never once managed to book a restaurant time . Idiotic COVID procedures eg social distancing and mask wearing in the theatre but packed like Sardines in the club house with no masks ??????. bye bye P&O

  7. This is
    soo boring , nothing the presenters could do to this ghastly travesty of a ship , having travelled P&O from Mombasa to London , this is like cheaply designed block of flats with nasty furniture & they’re out to sell you something at every turn , all identically decorated so much so that I’m already lost & thank god going ashore? Sorry lads but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear , how did you work up so much enthusiasm ,thanks but …

  8. Mom and I still want to go on our annual birthday cruise,s

  9. Karma The Giant

    I’ve never been on a cruise. However, having begun to watch all of your tours … new subscriber!

  10. Adcro from TikTok

    The atrium didn’t seem grand to me at all, it reminds me of an airport. In fact a lot of it looks like that… airport lounge feeling. No real character :/

  11. Looks very sterile.

  12. Wampy Vermeeren

    So P&O didn't learn from the lockdowns that they are polluting and damaging our planet. And either they are thick or don't care about the damages they do.

  13. Thank you for coming into our venue, The Limelight Club. We love the footage!! #TheLimelights ❤️🎶

  14. Amazing, to use the dome, for shows as well, makes sense, great tour, have you guys cruised on any Holland America ships,

  15. What a beautiful massive ship!! Great tour thanks guys!

  16. cafsixtieslover

    Got back last week. Fabulous ship

  17. suzanne patterson

    I love the dining rooms. One thing that is always off putting about Carnival dining rooms is that they are so garish! Enough already. This is really lovely! Hi guys!

  18. Kilometres & Kilometres

    Hi I have booked P&O cruise coming weekend, I have COVID pass in the NHS app in QR code format but it doesn’t show the vaccination dates but only the status name and valid status with tick mark in green circle . Is that enough of. Boarding the ship ?

  19. Normally cruise Royal caribbean what is the cost of drinks package on iona like and is it worth having

  20. It is a pity, that the long alleys in bland colors remind me of a hospital. But I love the cosy clubs in their warm and welcoming colors. Thanks a lot for this extensive ship tour.

  21. I like most of the ship just not sure about the balconies on promenade deck that are over looked, crows nest my favourite, is Wilson the bar manager?

  22. Just got off P&O Iona , very very disappointed, food in main dining room like mother in-laws care home food . Staff overwhelmed for 3300 passengers, wouldn’t want to be on it with 5000 passengers. 2 & half hour wait for a dining table, app goes wrong and you start again. All speciality restaurants fully booked before majority of guests have even boarded. Couldn’t get into Clubhouse as always full and they would not serve drinks if standing. No Ariel acrobatics shows in the Skydome on this cruise with no reason given why.
    Ultimate drinks package ran out of cocktails within price range so you had to buy separately at full price. That was P&O last chance for me after sailing with them since 1988.

  23. Pamela Docherty

    What about the cabins?

  24. Thank you so much, we will not be going on this ship, its huge

  25. Catriona Anderson

    Thank you for the tour! I’ve now booked Iona September 2022 for my first ever cruise 🥳 can’t wait but super nervous

  26. Colin Mclaughlin

    Hope you enjoyed your selfes

  27. Colin Mclaughlin

    Wat are the drinks packages like

  28. Hi guys what a vessel is the pool heated

  29. A great review! We’re looking forward to our trip next year! 😁

  30. Brilliant!! Going to lose my cruise virginity to Iona

  31. Steffen Brueggmann

    Boring Ship (

  32. Wow, now that is impressive. Love the open bright space.

  33. I know I’ll get a lot of comments on this, but although my time dining is convenient and I’ve used it a few times, I prefer the traditional set dining with shared tables. I miss the mingling with strangers when they can’t get away for two hours!

  34. 29.05 Red Jet 7, Iona is a lovely ship, watched this one leave

  35. 26.07 Svitzer Mercurius

  36. Looking forward to Feb 2022 👌

  37. Guys please bear in mind wheelchair users. How high can they get on the ship? Top decks are usually out of bounds. Where do they sit in the theatre? And where are the smoking areas?

  38. You do a fabulous ship tour. Love Iona and can’t wait to see Scarlet Lady next. My two ships of choice when I get back to sea again ❤️

  39. Whoever came up with the idea of cabins facing onto the boardwalk should be keelhauled and cast adrift in an open boat.

  40. The woman in the Red dress @36:12 clearly away for a dirty weekend with somebody she's not supposed to be with!

  41. Thank u so much for this the quality is amazing and I'm going on this ship in about 2 months and I'm really excited now

  42. You can't do back to back cruises we have just found out, so how did you guys manager to do it?

  43. With the drinks package did you take into account the days you were off ship touring the stop offs so didn't use it alot

  44. looks like an airport

  45. We really enjoy your videos and this ship tour as well. One thing my wife and I commented that there is a a lot of white and neutral colors. With the carpeting and white, a lot of the ship's interior looks like a hospital.

  46. What was your favorite part of the Iona cruise ship what was your favorite part of this ship

  47. Awesome tour fellas. Love the content 🚢💙

  48. Love the ship and love the video. Very good. One thing I've noticed that's not being pointed out. Is how p&o have put there prices up. Iguess it's to do with the cov19 situation. But I hope it's not going to be a on going thing. They are trying there best to suck us all in but the hike in price is shocking and not justified.

  49. Elizabeth Mills

    Very helpful, thanks guys