Exotic THAI FOOD Tour in Bangkok with Mark Wiens! Freaky Thai Food + Yummy Face Challenge


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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show

    Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @InstaSonnySide

    Huge thanks to Mark for joining me. Checkout the video we did on his channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEHayLnKvwY

    Next time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing tour: https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/saigon/

  2. Nooooooo

  3. blackJack Amsterdam

    Always interesting
    2 of the super best food bloggers

  4. The old guy who fed them silk worms be hovering in the back ground. He smells fried bamboo worms.

  5. ปวงสรร ดวงสุวรรณ

    Thai foods is the best.

  6. Easy commerce For NU


  7. This is exotic for my eyes to see and more to see these people eat these bugs..what a challenge to dip into your mouth and chew for your own sakes and like it..How can I ask for anybody to survive on these bugs every day of your life..finish up you two chefs and move on..maybe not

  8. Mark is so handsome

  9. Thank you.

  10. 🤮🤮

  11. The delirious sugar univariably drip because run perioperaively depend per a late toy. sore, calm scooter

  12. Sonny’s inability to handle high spice levels 🤣. Mark keeps pouring on heat. 9:18

  13. I love how we as Americans, say this or that is disgusting, but yet we eat the lowest grade food known to mankind, similar to throwing tar, nicotine, and crap in a blender and that's what we call a burger.

  14. I will go Vietnam only for massage not for food !!
    Girls are pretty
    But good is dangerous


  16. Survival food.. Thats great.. Yummy..


    Finally I found a guide with Sunny who is in local taste. 😄

  18. I can't stop laughing with this video it's not for the food…but a your reaction and Mark Weins while eating the food soooh funny i love it.

  19. Stanley Marove Jnr

    Its always kinda akward when two youtubers come together. Yupla kuap

  20. Mark

  21. i do not like mark sorry sonny is the best

  22. Bamboo worm its like french fries😁

  23. İm sure people can eat more healthy foods, not insects worms, spiders etc these arnt for human life. You dont just eat what you find especially not spiders,worms, insects of all types. They can eat vegetables, fruits its healthy and its for human life. I believe the foods they make is sickening no offence.