Welcome to the SR Aquaristik, Aqua-Lounge! This is one of the best kept secrets in the aquarium hobby. Enjoy a private tour inside to see amazing planted …

tour du lịch


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  1. Scott is very soft-spoken guy but he was being extremely HUMBLE! 💯🙏The guy is literally a genius at product design, sourcing and manufacturing. You can check out all his really high quality products here 👉 and of course go see the space for yourself! 📍Directions to Aqua-Lounge: 1441 Timber Dr, Elgin, IL 60123

  2. Okay that feeding ring is literally genius

  3. One of your cooler videos that I've seen. And I've seen almost all of them. Super informative. Can't wait to go Elgin. Thanks George.

  4. What a place wow

  5. Great to see behind the scenes and this looks like a great place and a good company. Will hopefully look to support them in the future 👍

  6. damn so clean i love it

  7. Good Prices too. Might pick up a new skimmer.

  8. I wanted a great white in a safe tank like the thumbnail

  9. Fabulous. I wish we had a place like this in NSW.

  10. What a great guy!

  11. This is my dream job ❤

  12. Bro he have a YouTube channel

  13. I wish the uk had something like this!

  14. I want some packing peanuts now lol

  15. Say thank you too my country indo

  16. i can tell this guy loves what he does not only through how passionate he is but also in his pricing. I thought his stuff was gonna be crazy expensive but it seems like he actually wants more people to have access into the hobby

  17. No way that’s near my hometown!! I had no idea!

  18. Muhammad Tajuddin Azmi

    Wow I've never seen a more passionate person!

  19. Rip thanos I really miss hulk and Houdini too

  20. This video is such a plethora of knowledge. Thank you very much, both of you, for making this.

  21. vasanta janyavula

    Where is shark

  22. is it me or does his intro remind me of subnautica? like the blue and orange theme

  23. Ramauld Ramharack

    Can’t wait for you to reach 1 mil

  24. first time watching 😀

  25. I'm from Indonesia

  26. Hello new subscriber here

  27. Nice video

  28. Victoria Lee Creates

    Lol the packing 🥜 killed me 🤣🤣🤣

  29. save more sharks save more every thing make a better sea for us all

  30. A calcium reactor on a mushroom and anemone dominated tank is an interesting choice!

  31. Respect mann