Inside Kirsten Dunst's Timeless Hollywood Home | Architectural Digest

Kirsten Dunst and interior designer Jane Hallworth talk about how their design philosophies inform the pieces chosen to fill Kirsten’s home. Kirsten and Jane …

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  1. Natalie Gonzalez

    Yes Kirsten, i hate open concept, close a door

  2. That kitchen is a stunner.

  3. Mary jane

  4. Kenneth Brent Pohl

    Nice home, only missing is Peter Parker.

  5. So different , happy for you

  6. What an amazing home. Well done Ms Dunst!

  7. Do a house tour with naomi osaka!! I know her house is newly renovated and has a lot of japanese influence in it that would be so interesting to see

  8. Mary jane house

  9. Maria C Perez-Fondon

    This is my kind of house!!

  10. Does anyone know this gorgeous music playing ?

  11. Literally my dream house. She has amazing sense of style.

  12. I agree 100%! Nothing worse than “open concept”, which has been dove to death. And NO granite countertops. Give me rooms with low ceilings any day. Well done!

  13. Prometheus Predator

    Kirsten, I absolutely LOVE your home. You are like me I love vintage furnishings. I don't know why, but it makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. I still have my Nannie and Grandpa's furniture. Some of it is almost 100 years old.

  14. Press2GetTheCookie

    I love white kitchens and always will love open concept. It’s a family house, why would you wanna shut a door between living room and kitchen? I believe privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms is more than enough. In a family house all the other areas should be used to share moments with the loved ones, plus it’s easier to pay attention to the kids while cooking or watching tv etc. This is only my opinion but regardless of my taste I think kirstens house is amazing and most importantly is that she was able to create a space she loves and at the end of the day, regardless of each ones taste, the most important is that you feel at home.

  15. PLEASE give us more Kirsten Dunst home content. Or her designer's.

  16. tammy daSnowbunny

    celebrities looks so much more relatable and human without the glamorous beauty filters and lighting in films.

  17. finally a home with character! not a bloody boring house that resembles every other house.

  18. The house looks more than a medieval museum ,..too cold, too sad,…not warm enough for children in my opinion

  19. I will be scared in this house when night comes

  20. I love the house. So warm. I hate the all white trend. Gives me anxiety