⚽ Paris St Germain Stadium Tour – Le Parc des Princes – France Travel Guide

The Parc des Princes is home to Paris St Germain. Otherwise known as ‘PSG’, they are the defending French Football Champions. And their stadium in Paris …

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  1. Ultimate Bucket List

    This was a cool stadium to walk around and there was lots to see and do.
    The staff were very friendly and offered to speak in English if your French isn't up to scratch, which is fantastic.
    Highly recommended if you're staying in Paris or if you're watching a game there.

    I find it ironic that Paris is home to the BEST and the WORST stadium tours on my list?!

  2. 7:59 a year later he's a man utd player

  3. mbappe has his own lounge😹

  4. Great video!

  5. Is it me or is the background music BVB anthem?

  6. Can you make an Allianz Arena Tour? 🙂


    I like 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  8. And now Cavani is a Man Utd player !

  9. Siapa yng bilang jadul cobak ,makanya jngn biasa menghina stadion Indonesia jaduul

  10. And Cavani went to United haha

  11. PLAYER


  13. Messi Messi Messi

  14. Just a bit better than Old Trafford then? No rats? No leaky roofs? But then PSG do not own the stadium, its a rented property costs them (5m Euros) per year just over what they pay Neymar per month (3.4m). Is that a better deal than WHU? I thought it looked cheap and "French", rooms are small and rather simple. Trophy cabinet is nice, don't take them much to fill it with French stuff, but I did notice, NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE oh yes they have never won it have they? small European club then

  15. man went to psg stadium in a united top. Legend 😂😂👌

  16. good shit

  17. Venom Pubg Mobile

    Le Parc des Princes

  18. A stadium fit for the GOAT

  19. Messi ❤️

  20. Messi 🔥♥️🎉

  21. You like to say swish don’t you?

  22. Who is here after knowing that Messi is now a PSG player🔥

  23. This stadium's roof is quite low💯💯

  24. Zan Sports News TV


  25. The signs were there! Cavani at United niow…

  26. the french rugby national team used to play their

  27. Zargon the Magnificent

    2:57 Awesome? It looks like an expensive broom cupboard.

  28. do u do a guided tour or what do u do

  29. Ben the Football Kid

    I’m going today

  30. Sebastian Fribæk

    Greatest video

  31. And now He’s a United Striker lol

  32. Hope to come here one day.

  33. You probably be kicking yourself for missing out on Cavani, now that he's a Man U player too haha! Cheers Ninh! Great tour video! 🙂

  34. What if Cavani signed up for Manchester United just to be able to meet u 😂

  35. The name of the stadium is misspelled in the title. It’s ‘des’ not ‘de’.

  36. Allez Allez paris

  37. Do a Moscow tour: Spartak, Dinamo, CSKA, Lokomotiv


  39. You chose the best song, Italy lifted the World Cup in 2006 with this song against France🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. I like how Nihn walked past a future Man Utd player and didn’t know lol