Tower of London Tour | A Virtual Walk through the Inside of the Tower

In this video, Margaret, a tour guide and manager of Free Tours by Foot London, takes you on a virtual walking tour of the Tower of London. WATCH THE …

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  2. Excellent video! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great video Margaret! Really enjoyed it. I felt like I was actually there with a headset on 😁
    I have been to the Tower 5 times over the years so thought I was a bit of a mr know it all but you left no stone unturned and I learned so much more.
    I look forward to your next tour. Joby x

  4. Excellent tour.

  5. That was absolutely great Margaret!Thanks from New York!

  6. Just make sure they let you leave!!!!!!!!

  7. excellent and knowledgeable tour of the tower.enjoyed every bit of it.

  8. Elizabeth Sawyer

    Great tour!

  9. You have produced a most excellent and thorough tour of the Tower. Although I've visited several times, you had access to areas I was not able to see, which was a delight. As a professional gemologist and student of the British Crown Jewels, I hope you will accept the following note as a worthwile addition to your vast historical knowledge. Only Cullinan I an II – the greater Stars of Africa – are part of the Crown Jewels. HM Queen Elizabeth II personally owns numbers III through IX, all privately purchased from Asscher's by her great grandfather King Edward VII and inherited from her grandmother, Queen Mary, each set among various brooches, necklaces and even one ring. Ciao for now!

  10. My husband and I visited the Towers in 1999, the tour was good, but this video much surpasses the one we took. Thank you, you did an excellent job. I'm amazed at how you can remember all the information you gave on this tour. Amazing!

  11. Thank you so much for your informative tour of the Tower of London. As a native Londoner I'm ashamed to say it is the one historical place in the city that I have never got round to visiting, in fact I walked passed within sight of it today. Have now subscribed to your channel, thank you once again.

  12. Thank you for the marvellous tour. I too am a tour guide. I likely will never get to see this site in person. All of this underlines how just how brutal and violent we humans are.

  13. Thanks for this, it was fantastic!

  14. Ilene Billingsley

    Not confirmed?? Those poor children were not illegitimate. Didn't want their DNA discovered. Makes you definitely wonder why?? Would have totally changed everything!

  15. Adrian Rosenlund-Hudson

    My father was a Yeoman Warder. My parents last abode was Tower Green, right by the Bloody Tower (known internally as "the blood tub"), which my mother used to clean after closing. My children were baptised in the chapel of St.Peter ad Vincula. Thank you very much for this excellent video! 😍

  16. While being there, do you get a sence of the people, life, or strength and effort it took to live there? You know that feeling you got when you walk into someone’s home.

  17. Sharon Williamson

    Who wrote the subtitles – tonnes of errors!? Beef Eaters not Bee Feeders as written on the screen. Also Traitors gate not traders gate .. was originally called the Water Gate .. sound familiar American cousins?

  18. This was amazing! So much history! Thanks so much!


  20. A couple of years ago I went to the Tower of London, what an amazing day that was, so interesting, and incredible to walk on streets, staircases, go inside buildings etc. that Kings and Queens, Knights… had walked. From California, so…😉

  21. Thank you so much! It will be years before I get there in person (if I get there in person) and it was a joy to take your tour and to learn so much!

  22. Such a gruesome place. I can’t imagine anyone wishing to live there, or even tolerating living there.

  23. Stardust Melody

    Where do they get the blood to soak the biscuits in? Then and now?

  24. Excellent virtual tour!

  25. Jeanny Vanduyvenvoorde

    She keeps talking about the beauty of "old" beside "new". I find no beauty in modern architecture.

  26. The camera movement is often too fast!!

  27. Throughly enjoyed it.

  28. I love the white tower, but the stairs scare me to death as I’m scared of heights!! I’ve not yet managed to get all the way up. Oh, and I don’t believe that Richard killed the Princes. I lean towards Margaret Beaufort.

  29. Thank you so much for this. I have been to London many times, but I never did this tour. I can't now because I'm 100 % bed bound the past 5 years so, I'm most grateful to you because you're acting as my legs. I don't like London as a city though. I rather Oxford and Paris because I lived in the latter. I just find London so formal and cold feeling but the history is fascinating. I wonder if the beefeaters can live in their houses until they die? I would have thought that they'd have been home owners before they became beefeaters, so why would they sell up to move into the castle's quarters, unless they were for life? I'm just curious. Also, I noticed a name on the golden plaque that looks like Thomas Cromwell but I was sure it was spelt 'Crommell'? What do you think? It's a few lines from the top. I'd love to know who lives in the housing area where there are blue doors? Do beefeaters use them? Oh, did you say '' tilt yard'' for the field for tournament battles please? I thought you said that but have to Google it. Anyway, thank you once again. God bless, from Ireland xx

  30. "off of"??

  31. Really good tour ,so interesting, thank you. Was a bit giddy with some if the camera work but it was fascinating. I haven't been able to visit as I'm disabled and wouldn't be able to see most of it,so this was definitely a great tour x

  32. Wow! before now I'd never heard of the bee feeders, you learn something every day !

    Thank you

  33. That was great! really enjoyed it. thankyou

  34. Leonardo Chaves Calvo

    Hi. I love the Tower, nice to be back with your amazing tour, thank you. Greetings from Costa Rica

  35. Thanks!

  36. Thank you for a very detailed guided tour. I was there last in 2018, and still have not seen everything. Also your voice is most pleasing compared to other tour videos I have seen.

  37. What’s the matter with her eyes?

  38. Absolutely amazing tour. Thank you!

  39. Point of order, ma'am – St Edward's Crown weighs 2.23kg. That's 4.9lbs, not nearly 9 😉

  40. The execution site inside the Tower is on the parade ground not at the memorial. Couldn’t put memorial in middle of parade ground

  41. Sir Thomas Moore was a hero. He was executed by Henry v11 for refusing to convert from Catholicism when Henry was destroying all things Catholic “ I am the Kings good servant, but God’s first”