Welcome to My Home! Singapore HDB 4-Room Flat Tour

Hi there, welcome to my home! I’m Amiko and I run a tiny little blog called INFINITIDY where I share about my homemaking adventure. I just started this

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  1. Is that a feature wall to hide the cables? I don't see any cable for the TV.

  2. what accent is this?

  3. Hi there did you use a ID for your renovation thanks 😊

  4. Your home is so comfortable and beautiful. Could you share what is your plywood laminate code of your living room? Because the wooden color is so nice and beautiful!!!

  5. Ratimah Ratimah

    Good idea. Good luck.

  6. Love it!

  7. Id details plz

  8. I really love your home! Simple and very functional! 🙂

  9. anyone knows where I can get the indoor laundry poles that can be raised to the ceiling and down?

  10. I totally love love your house. Please ignore those who question your identity and nationality. We are all the same, regardless of race or religion and nationality. Loves from a singaporean Indian. ❤

  11. Hi. What is your ceiling fan brand?

  12. I like your design simple, neat, clean especially the main door area where you seperate the shoe n no shoe area

  13. Hi , I would like to know, which part of Singapore is this???

  14. Hi. Can share your id firm

  15. Anh Do Sydney - Cuộc Sống Tại Úc

    Your home is so aesthetically pleasing and looks warm and comfortable. <3

  16. Thanks for sharing lovely cosy home clutter free

  17. Does your white cabinets and furniture turn yellowish after some years? How to choose white materials that do not turn yellowish? What do you do to white furniture that turn yellowish? Yellowish white looks old. Thanks.

  18. Ur house is super nice 😍 just curious where do u store ur mop, sweep, all the long2 cleaning tools?

  19. Impressive interior design for a HDB. Is it a BTO? Nice 👍

  20. Hi, where did you get your flooring?

  21. Hi; May i ask if you can share your scale floor plan? I intend to do walk in wardrobe for my house too.

  22. TV HUAQING 华卿看世界

    Less is more👍🏼

  23. I might be too slow to write a comment but finally, just have come across to the wonderful YouTube sight introducing Singapore well renovated HDB home. Unlike other gorgeously decorated HDB flat unit with hundreds of thousand dollars spent with, you have done everything so neat and economically for relatively young average HDB occupiers and also with slight Japanese kind of touch. Am not sure if you have successfully found next owner yet, otherwise it's definitely an opportunity to introduce your beautiful room to the people looking for a reasonable flat to enjoy living in rather everything EXPENSIVE Singapore now a days.Just for your information, If you like to follow kind a Japanese style at dining table, please do not put your chop-sticks in vertical but please let it sit in horizontal. It is to show no intention of attacking against person sitting in front of you, who is your guest at most of occasion. Thanks anyway for the nice movie. Hope to see more like this kind in future! Cheers!

  24. Hello! Lovely home! Did you utilise a contractor or an ID?

  25. Speedmeister KYM

    There are so many grammatical errors in your description. A lot of verbs with "s" where "s" should not be used
    Eg ….make the bathroom look big
    ….make the bathroom looks big
    my husband n I
    Me n my husband

  26. Hi i love your house. Just asking hope you can share and reply Did the minimalist society id company did the design? Care to share ?

  27. Happen to chance to your channel. I must say, wow, nice 4 room flat. How much was the reno cost? I also have 4 room flat but did very little work as pretty much everything was done already (premium BTO) except kitchen, lighting and wardrobe. Yours look very cosy and I feel it's probably about time to do reno. BTW, is your floor laminated?