EPIC PARIS Food Tour – 11 INCREDIBLE Stops – Best of LE MARAIS

Discover 11 TOP TASTES in Paris! Chocolate, croissants, macarons, wine, French onion soup, French , French coffee, steak tartare, galettes, pastis and …

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  1. I'd have to go to the ham shop often to try them all!

  2. French onion soup is impossible to eat, without wearing a full boiler suit….

  3. Yep, when she said buttery, and stuffed, brought out her best Yorkshire accent.

  4. Great video

  5. Theres nothing complicated about eating and drinking in Paris. Just don't stop and you'll be fine.

  6. Bien fait, j'ai faim! Except: Felafel is Lebanese, not "Jewish;" it's been appropriated by the Zionist entity due to its popularity in the west. Please avoid this kind settler-colonial food appropriation. It matters. Food matters, Justice matters. #BDS

  7. 最初のハムだけサンドめちゃくちゃうまそう。

  8. Don’t watch this if you’re hungry 😋- so amazing the beauty of food as only France can do it. I’d dream of those croissants 🥐 and the onion soup – sinful. Escargot next ?

  9. Patrick Trinidad

    You should present the prices

  10. Very good video! I enjoyed it very much!

  11. Maybe someone needs to curate a French Sadhya (Sadhya as in the banana leaf lunch that they have in Kerala)

  12. I wish they would go to America and be surprised how everything is supersized.

  13. Goes to show you how unhealthy French food really is… ham, macaroons, buttery croissants… fats and carbs galore.

  14. Annette Bezaire

    Do you share you ate all the meat and most of cheese.Most of your food is eaten standing up I would rather sit and relax and enjoy

  15. Denis Justement

    Granted not every one can build charisma like Top Jaw!

  16. Merci!!!

  17. Weird feeling looking at people that are not wearing masks (in 2021).

  18. Herve's golden tip: "NEVER buy wine in the supermarket in France"!!!!!

  19. 👍🏻👍🏻

  20. Loved this…very interesting and informative, thank you!

  21. Yeah very sweet after eating you'd better drink some water , which is not just good for your guys teeth also looks comfortable lol🙂

  22. たつにいさん


  23. Great tips guys! Thank you.:)