Chamonix, France: Thin-Air Thrills at the Aiguille du Midi – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide

Watch the full episode: Looming nearly two miles above the town of Chamonix is the Aiguille du Midi, part of the Mont Blanc massif …

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  1. Edgar Danish ➊

    You know what this is very beautiful, And I’m sure there’s many more. Maybe when I get older I’ll start traveling around the world.

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    Marvelous place I ever seen

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    This is my favourite vodeo…And i am very interest for this vlog..

  4. Hi , why u haven’t go to China yet ?

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  6. Rick u r handsome, looks similar to Hollywood actor Harrison ford😍

  7. Superb Video ❤❤

  8. Hi, you make nice vedios, I am new YouTuber and I make YouTube vedios in Urdu language, can I use some content of your vedio?

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  12. Shout out from the philippines , ilove your content ..

  13. Really enjoyed watching your videos. You take care! Looking forward to a lot more once this pandemic is over 🙂

  14. Love all your videos Rick, I feel relieved while watching your documentations. Love the places! 🥰🥰🥰

  15. Just Me and Travel

    Sir, your voice is very calm. I really love hearing your voice. Thank you on your adventures! 😊😊 take care and be safe always. 😉

  16. Many thanks for Rick's filming amazing spots and sharing; helped us getting through the lock down days, appreciated.

  17. Nenita G Channel

    I like your vlog.I want to know different kinds of country which i fell i cannot be seen coz of my age.thanks for sharing it.

  18. Rick is one my favourite travel vlogger. Your videos are just timelapse 🙂 I have traveled to so many places with your eyes 🙂

  19. Wow there it is…

  20. Kristina Travelina

    it looks of course very bewitching; I would love to spend a couple of weeks there

  21. Viva La Palestine

    You look really healthy rick!

  22. Chamonix is a beautiful town in a beautiful part of France, but Mont Blanc is not the highest peak in Europe. Highest peak in Europe is Mount Elbrus in the Western Caucasus Range in Russia.

  23. amazing views

  24. It's beautiful but being crammed into that cable car would be terrible

  25. Actually incorrect, France's tallest peak, not Europe's. The tallest mountain in Europe is not Mt Blanc (4808 meters). – The tallest mountain in Europe is located in the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kabardino Balkaria. Mt Elbrus stands at 5,642 meters. The only reason people still think this in America is because of the constant Anti Russian Propaganda. But I guess no one cares about the facts – because it's an American made program for other Americans.

  26. very interesting , Thanks for sharing , best wishes , if you think to visit Jordan and Petra – Dead Sea i will be Happy if you write to me , be safe with my best wishes

  27. I've been here. It's amazing. Just a warning, I was dizzy and had a splitting headache for 2 weeks straight after climbing the Aiguille de Midi. The air pressure did something to my brain. I wouldn't recommend it to people over 40. Or at least take an Aspirin before going all the way up. I am impressed with how Rick Steve is in such a good shape, jealous in a good way. 😊🏔️

  28. Thanks for you 👍👍🌆 very nice


  30. Michael Sheehan

    I get nervous on a step-ladder!

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    Your Videos are Awesome, people who can't travel due to this Pandemic can easily Enjoy watching the Beauty of this World through your Videos 😍😍😍
    Keep it going 👌👌❤️

  32. This is the first time I've watched your vlog. I have to say that I really like it, not only the breathtaking sights you've brought to us but also your voice and how you described them.


    your voice and choice of words is truly amazing

  34. beuatiful old Vlog "without masks"

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    Hello my friend… You have a best channel 😍

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    Can't wait to film I'm France again. Come on opening!

  37. Beautiful as always! ♥️ from Philippines

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  39. Heck no my fear of heights would definitely prevent me from doing this. I would be freaking out being that high up.

  40. Ummm, do Americans really call it 'Mount' Blanc? It's MONT Blanc (or Monte Bianco if in Italy).

  41. Nanay ni Annika

    Wow a nice place!!hope one day i can visit there one day!! New supporter here

  42. Rick Steves might just have the calmest happiest voice I’ve ever heard. He’s by far and away my favorite travel vlog

  43. I really enjoyed your video. Great channel. 💕⭐️
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼 🇦🇱


    Thanks Steve I am watching all your video and touring passively.

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  46. Breathtaking indeed ! The views as well as the climb.

  47. two littlekittens

    I wonder when was this shot? judging from how people areobviously not observing the health protocols, me surmise this was shot way before the virus has become how it has affected the way of life today. Yes watching Rick Steve's video gives you the virtual feeling of being there.

  48. Wonderful place thanks for sharing very nice video

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