Milan and Lake Como

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel | No trip to is complete without Milan and Lake Como. In Milan we’ll take a peek at Italy’s highest fashion, fanciest delis, …

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  1. A very well organized report! Steve, you are the best travel journalist. 9/2021

  2. Антонина Тунева


  3. Suzana Aleksova

    Raskos I ubavina. Toa e Milano.. Gradot na modata, kultura ta I tradicijata..

  4. Please visit Japan and African countries

  5. just for clarification, Varenna is on the most developed part of the in terms of economic, but the less known part by turists because our economy is mostly based on industries even though we have beautiful places too!

  6. 🇹🇷😍🤗💖💖💖💖

  7. Goood job man

  8. My dream country to visit. Just only a dream until now.

  9. Italy Milan

  10. Italy is beautiful . The biggest issue is Vatican. Not the buildings but the people who abuse power they have preaching about God Jesus and doing exactly the opposite He was talking about. If priest uses someone for his sexual play and then puts the blame on that someone who is he?They will judge. Because they really do not believe God exists and judges them. SImple people know God more than all the smarty pants reading bible with every meal. None of these buildings would exists without hard work of poeple who are not priests in Vatican

  11. Benjamin Kennedy

    I remember watching Rick Steves on PBS when I was a little kid. This brings back good memories

  12. Love it, production value reminds me of the early 90s. You don't see this type of editing anymore..

  13. Me encanta este video!

  14. The heart of men there is riches/poor. Whom do you serve? In the veil of truth power has been unleash to mankind to be free from bondage and receive riches power and protection to add values in the society. The spirit lives in you discover it hear from the supernatural and open your soul to the veil. Illumiinati

  15. Milan's Duomo is still unfinished actually.

  16. You just showed some of the fugliest mofos on the planet and called them "a work of art" 😂

  17. Come to Slovenia, you will find here beautifull alpes, under them the lake with island -Bled, nice sea beach, some with sand some of natural , beautiful and warm people, belong them you will find one special guy named Marko Ursic, the main attraction in Slovenia. We got many business people and turist from Germany,UK,Italia,France,.. who want to meet Marko Ursic. They contact with the local and they provide(with some fee) information about his social life and they could also arrange to have dinner with him(with extra fee). Until now all foreigners were happy and we too with them.

  18. Thank You, Steve! Lake Como it's nice.



  21. Sharon Donnelly

    Beautiful 🇮🇹 Stop China from buying it up.

  22. Rick's been a part of my family, for as long as I can remember. New trips never happened, without Rick's guides. 😉

  23. Is there some reason why Judas (the bad one) is painted dark skinned while all the others are white

  24. So when you enter the train station built by Mussolini, it is a fascist tool meant to make you feel small. But when you talk about the cathedral, it is an impressively large and beautiful gothic work of art.

  25. I could go to Italy anytime !

  26. What building is that in the beginning HOLYSHIT!

  27. Rick Steves you are the MASTER of travel! I’ve been following you for years. Thank you!

  28. I’ve always liked Lake Perry Como.

  29. 💖

  30. Marvelous Milan.