Yosemite National Park Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Yosemite – an American story unlike any other. Follow us through the national park from its high country to its waterfalls, its towering sequoia groves to its valley …

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  1. Shaima-shosho🤗🥰

    It is very cool and entertaining and the scenery is very beautiful❣💝🤩😍

  2. Claudy Travel Box

    A little bit of the beautiful Yosemite in California Don't miss the baby bears! 🐻😂/Un poquito de la hermosura del parque Yosemite in California. No te pierdas a los ositos bebé! 😂🐻

  3. Du lịch trải nghiệm

    Great video! This is easily one of the best travel guides I have ever watched! Thank you Expedia for producing such an informative and high quality content! I don't understand what people are thinking when they gave their thumbs down. Absolutely thumbs up from me!

  4. A great bedtime story

  5. Amazing, I’ve been twice and would love a third one.

  6. It was great. In was there for many years

  7. Visiting this place will be part of my bucket list. Did not know Yosemite Sam Park is this beautiful…

  8. Sam

  9. Malaquias Alfaro

    Merced, California and it’s proximity to this beautiful land is a underrated gem. Yosemite is the backyard to the many orchards in the Central Valley. The 140 running through Merced leads directly to the Yosemite Valley floor. Even the Denny’s in Merced in the second highest grossing Denny’s in California. The first is in Anaheim, and with the many activities in Anaheim that practically forced people to eat at Denny’s, the comparison is obviously in favor of Merced. I hope everyone can enjoy the once sleepy town I loved so dearly. It serves as the little brother who always looks up to its bigger and cool brother, Yosemite.

  10. My best friend has also been here before.

  11. My dad has been here before but I've never been here before but I really wanna go at least once.

  12. I just went to Mammoth Lakes with my family this weekend and we were hoping to go to Yosemite Park for a day and they ranger told us at the entry that we need reservations because is July🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ honestly too little information it’s provided to tourist hopping to go and visit and we can’t just because we need it a reservation 👎🏼👎🏼 the view is beautiful and we went somewhere else

  13. my mom ran over a deer in this place

  14. This is some cheesy ass narrating 🤢

  15. Awesome location …………. truly beautiful. Inspiring and refreshes the spirit and soul.

  16. One of the most beautiful places on earth………… a must visit destination.

  17. In this park, Ben got his Omnitrix

  18. نفسي أسافر 💔😔😔

  19. Proud to be a Californian

  20. Ekaterina Palto

    My dream is to visit this place someday

  21. wow breathtaking

  22. Expedia. Great youtube video.