Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht tour | Is this the coolest helm station EVER? | Motor Boat & Yachting

At the recent Southampton Boat Show, MBY deputy editor Jack Haines took the chance to tour the Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht, which was making its UK debut.

tour du lịch


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  1. Brilliant … can’t wait for the sea trial … but can’t help thinking that 35knts for a Sport yacht … seems a little sluggish … when Pershing 60x & 70x can make 50 knots !! I’m thinking Maybe Sunseeker should go back to using Surface Drives & a pair of MTUs and give this baby 50 knots !! 🤔🤔🤞🤞😎

  2. Nice, but…

  3. Love your reviews !!!

  4. Nice tour of a beautiful boat!

  5. the tender garage is such a waste of space.

  6. Got to love how boat designers are influenced by super cars / luxury cars; and car designers are influenced by boats and yachts!

  7. abso;utly fanyastic tour jack, best so far , i love this boat ive watched it over and over

  8. Absolutely amazing!! Joystick plus thrusters! What a pleasure it must be.

  9. Not having a pop at anyone in particular (are you listening Nick) but its great to hear some criticism of a boat however minor. Nearly all the channels just gush superlatives. Great review.

  10. An obviously hedonistic macho machine with large areas of black gel coat that get red hot in Mediterranean sun as do dark upholstered seats so bring plenty of burn ointment. Jury out on fly helm position that deserves a 40+ knot performance rather than the mundane ones offered.

  11. Frankie Gregoriou

    Excellent video Jack

  12. Form over function! The bow seating step over is rediculous.

  13. Don't like. Sorry 🛥️🇺🇸

  14. Top marks on overall kit. Glad to see a flip-over at the Manhattan bar to cover the vertical slide window. Other yachts leave a big gap for Manhattans 🍷 to get spilled in. Oh, and bollocks on that knee-high rail and step over for the 👙's when lounging fore deck. Splendid accomodations!!!

  15. TheOriginalItchyman

    haha I was thinking "no way am i gonna sit down all the time on the flybridge, or use the joystick angled that steep" and then voila!

  16. Those helm seats are Corbeau’s Le, a replacement seat for Lotus Elise, they are very cheap…

  17. I really like the walkthrough videos now and is it me or has Sunseeker stepped up a level for style incorporating technology with this boat. I don't usually like this type of sports cruiser but I do this one.

  18. That's an absolutely stunning flybridge and especially that helm.. wow I'm in love 😍😍

  19. Well that’s blue sky/out of the box thinking for the upper helm. Stunning 😎✌🏻

  20. Can u please buy a mic so we can hear u better so I dont have to turn u way up.

  21. I don’t like fly bridges but I love this one

  22. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Lekker man lekker

  23. Maritime Filming UK

    Cheeky clothing change at the end there 🤣

    Great walkthrough Jack 👍

  24. This one is really great. Thnx for the tour!!

  25. no shower for the captain ?????. and i dont go for the fly-bridge, planes should look like planes – cars should look like cars – and boats should look like boats

  26. I struggle to see what's different between the different sunseeker offerings. Like, what's the theory behind why a Manhattan is a manhattan and not a sport yacht?

    If one of the lines is meant to be cheaper, SAY SO! Sunseeker don't seem to know what they're about, or if they do, they aren't communicating it well.

  27. Just when I thought we were moving away from BROWN coloring.

  28. Hi Jack. This is definitely on the list for MBY sea trial. Can't wait. Thanks 😊

  29. futte2303 #shquad

    Come on, Nick show this one 2 weeks ago

  30. Great looking boat great vid and wow great idea with that sports bridge console well done sunseeker 🇬🇧

  31. Question for Sunseeker: how is this different than Manhattan??? This was supposed to be Predator with a bridge. What the hell did you do???

  32. I really like sport flys, but I don't know if this fly is amazingly better or slightly overdone. I mean this is for a boat that tops at 40 mph and will spend most of its time around 30 mph. Seats for a 150 mph car seem a tad excessive. I mean the Pershing 8x does 55 mph and cruises at over 50 and it's not half as overblown as this. But this is the first Sunseeker I've really liked, along with this years Sunseeker Yacht 88 with it's verging on superyacht level interior trim.

  33. I don't like your videos because I get seasick from them. You are constantly and unnecessarily swinging the camera left and right so the viewer has to really make an effort to see what you want to show him. The comments are good, it's a pity that the recording is not of the same quality.