2021 *SUMMER* HOUSEPLANT TOUR | every plant in my collection (100+!!)

Thank you so much for joining me for this houseplant tour of my entire houseplant collection!! You’ll find timestamps and links to items/accounts mentioned in this …

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  1. Yeah, I've Killed That

    Your callistophylla looks so good. And that adansonii! Finally got to see the support pole up close. Such a beautiful specimen.

  2. I was amazed all your beautiful plants collection.

  3. Hi Becca!! I love your videos, it always gets me motivated to go take care of my plants when I’m just not feeling up to it. I’ll often end up pausing your video bc I think of something I need to do and I’ll end up repotting three plants before remembering to come back and finish 😂 my fav plants emojis are 🪴🌱💚 the terra-cotta is just so stinking cute!! 😍 also just wanted to say that your plant-blind husband sounds a lot like my plant-blind husband, who is also named Daniel! 😂

  4. iddybiddyladybug Leeza

    So weird I had you when you lived in Arizona but not since you moved 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Anyway, I’d put your AV in a smaller pot & a bit more light.

  5. Beautiful collection.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I am a house and garden plant enthusiast. I live near St. Louis, and yes, there is no shortage of humidity in Missouri summers. Likewise, I followed you when you lived in Arizona, now so interesting you live in Missouri. Can you give me an idea where in Missouri? Thanks for your videos. BTW I have a rattan shelf just like yours, I love it.

  7. Evan's garden420

    Stop stop stop stop repotting hoyas they prefer to be in high amounts of light and smaller containers not rootbound but smaller if you wanted to give them nutrients you shouldn't feed them fertilizer please just hurts my heart I love Hoyas all mine grow alot they do alot of growing is because I give him the right conditions

  8. Monstera Thai Constellation: a pregnant pole dancer tee hee hee

  9. 🪴

  10. Just subbed

  11. Plant Life with Ashley Anita

    Beautiful tour! Thank you for sharing!

  12. When you say Columbia, are you talking about Columbia, TN??? I live there!

  13. I'm new to watching your channel but enjoyed your video . I also am from Missouri in Jefferson City. Nice to finally hear of another plant fanatic in Missouri .

  14. Okay but wait… what is that giant Pothos…

  15. thanks for sharing the beautiful video.

  16. Beautiful collection! Your standelyanas make me nervous– I've wanted one for a couple of years now but haven't bitten the bullet yet! Now I'm wondering if I should lol.

  17. I made it to the end, but no plant emoji on my laptop
    I like your tour and how you kept it moving the whole time, but gave us just the right amount of info on each plant 🙂

  18. Best place to find plant giveaways?

  19. Juçara Batatinhas Fritas

    Falar muito e muito chata

  20. That's always how I've propagated my tradescantias, honestly. My philodendron Brazil is still thin and small too! I've tried several environments, no dice. Well, little dice.

  21. okay so Im only a minute I am already in shock. you said you live in Missouri and you use to live in Arizona and I have never seen you before on my YouTube. but I just moved back to Arizona from Missouri. I think my devices have been following me a little too much lol

  22. I loved my zebrina but then it got awful AWFUL spider mites. It’s been months and it still hasn’t done anything since:(

  23. Was that plant seller in Mesa cause we went there and I was shook at the lack of care vs the prices

  24. Vannessa Andrade

    I’m a veggie gardener and barely getting into house plants. I’m so ready yet so overwhelmed 😅

  25. Lol that adansonii is making every plant mom jealous at that crazy size

  26. I have kind of noticed an interesting tendency: almost single plant video from the USA is mostly about big jungle plants. For some reason there are almost no blooming flowers, like only one African violet in such a great collection. Meanwhile in our area plant people are fans of violets and orchids, I guess 🤔
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your video, it was so entertaining 👍🏻

  27. Can I ask where u got your glasses from please?

  28. Elmer Hernandez

    Are those white flowers on your adansonii?!!!!

  29. Wonderful tour. Could you spread the word that Dischidia is pronounced dis-KID-ee-uh? Tanks.

  30. Lovely plants collection 😍💚

  31. I wish I had a plant swap friend!! Beautiful collection. 🙌🏻💞

  32. I love your euphorbia lactea! It is amazing!

  33. Sora la Exploradora

    💚💚💚 favorite plant emoji

  34. Michelle Sadlowski

    Loved your plant tour. It’s great to see the struggles and successes of another plant lover. I just got a Hoya polyneura and am wondering if I should give it more humid conditions than I have it in since yours is in the cabinet. My favorites are all your hoyas 😍, the clarinervium, and of course that amazing adansonii tower in your sunroom. Wow! Thanks for the tour❤️. You have a lot of beautiful plants.

  35. Elba Inés Candia

    wonderfull all yours plants, congratulations

  36. Kathleen Lawson

    Can I become your friend? That Monstera is gorgeous.

  37. 🌵🌿🍃

  38. Bondi 07 Lets Do Simple Go Green

    so inspiring 🙏 thanks for this video miss 🙏☺🍀🍀🍀🍀

  39. the albo syngonium is stunning! thanks so much for sharing 😍

  40. I'm so obsessed with your wicker and rattan furniture 😍🪴

  41. Thanks Becca for another wonderful plant tour, I always enjoy them, you for sure have a different environment in your new state and I have been loving seeing all of the things you have been doing. It's hard to pick a favorite, you have so many that I would love to have, and maybe once I have my sunroom I will have room to put one of those cabinets to house some special plants. I do love your Thai Constellation, that one is on my wish list, hopefully someday these will be easier to get without spending a ton of money, I just love the variegation. I do love the Syngonium variegata albo, I have had it on my wish list for a very long time and then one of my plant friends sent me a cutting and also some other cuttings, it got huge roots and I then potted it up and it is with all of my other Syngoniums and doing very good, she is so beautiful. I also love Anthuriums and struggle with some of the leaves not looking their best but still they are such cool plants. Thanks again Becca, have a great week, sending love and hugs, bye for now.

  42. Julie Zackrison


  43. I think that’s a cattleya orchid deemed the king of orchids

  44. Octavia Schulte

    Amazing tour, TFS🌱🌱🌱💚

  45. Hi there i am also part of the plant community. I love your plant collection.