Travel with REI: Tour du Mont Blanc

What makes the Tour du Mont Blanc one of the world’s classic hikes? It’s the perfect mix of awe-inspiring mountain views and the vibrant influence of three …

tour du lịch


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  1. I Just learned about this Hike. It's on my bucket list!

  2. rei is so lame

  3. Michelle DiGaetano

    Does this trek require anything technical?

  4. If you spent 3 hours in a country, you should be ashamed to say that you've 'experienced their culture'


  6. Amanda Ricciardi

    Whatttt howw awesome!!! Definitely going on the bucket list i must do this!!!

  7. good video but the least you could do is TRY to pronounce place names correctly. For ex.. don't pronounce the c in Mont Blanc.

  8. @Ryan Nope! All of our trips are open to men and women. 
    @Duane You can email socialmedia at rei dot com

  9. Is this trip only for women?

  10. Hey, how do I get in touch with the REI video production team?

  11. Charley Lingerfelt

    I want to go!

  12. I have to go on this trip. The rest of my life can wait.