We Joined Mekong Delta Tour – Is It Beautiful ? 🇻🇳

This video is about the full-day experience we had in Vietnamese villages along the river, the day trip we had is not so far from Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City ) and …

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  1. Would you visit Mekong Delta? 🤔
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  2. Amelia’s Life

    Who was the Mekong delta trip booked through

  3. Is there a business, or, agency that could be assigned to arrange a complete relocation for someone like Me?

  4. This music makes me relaxed. I put my first comment on your video. I love them and good to study English.

  5. cute couple traveling together

  6. Trung Duc Nguyen

    Gosh I hate people like that lady in the blue t-shirt…. Try first before you judge! I am so proud of ur gf that she has some big balls to try all food and drinks. Some people just eat with their eye's. … U know what I mean 😂

  7. You should go to Danang, the most livable city in Vietnam, where there are Bana Hills and the ancient town of Hội An in Quảng Nam.

  8. Beautiful country

  9. Dat Cobra vodka is used for man not woman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. can we be friends !!!!

  11. Great content divert living!! Hopefully I try to put somethings I have learnt in this vlog in my daily vlogs..something that people can have a glimpses of!!

  12. Where are you from.i very like

  13. I love veatnam form🇰🇭❤

  14. Shepherd Manyika

    am a major fan

  15. River excursion 😍

  16. Very similar vibe to Jamaica

  17. Minh Tam - Akarui Kokoro

    And there is 2 way to create the music is that way and the normal way

  18. Minh Tam - Akarui Kokoro

    The music called cai luong

  19. The girl in the video looks like Asian? Where is she from?

  20. Như Nguyễn Trần Quỳnh

    Your girlfriend is ugly

  21. My father said the "Snake-Wodka" is like medicine. 🙂

  22. running fast across the street is an unwise move !

  23. Phụ đề tiếng việt chán quá

  24. "Snake Wine"… it's not wine, it's hard liquor (40%+ proof).

  25. Thiện Phước

    Anh có biết đi ở đường ở thành phố sợ nhất là xe đông và dây điện đường thì quá chời

  26. Việt Nam điểm danh nào

  27. harold vonhelms

    yep a lamp shade

  28. I think you should try Da lat


    Tôi yêu Việt Nam

  30. Timothy Tibbits

    Jimmy, do you realize that when you say Vietnamese, you switch that m and n around? It's like you pronounce it Vietmanese.

  31. No Noobs Allowed

    I stay on the Mekong Delta every year, at my Vietnamese wife family farm. Apparently you traveled the Dragon Penis River " Song Cu Long"

  32. And Buddha look different in Vietnam too . There are thousands of Khmer Krom in Southern Vietnam.who practice Theravada Buddhism.

  33. This brings back some good memories when I took the tour of the Mekong river I remember the honey bees and the tea and having lunch

  34. How cool is this and the girl is just so cute

  35. Tah and Jimmy,amazing vlog guys.tahs voice is so cute Jimmy.you are so polite Jimmy in other countries .i love your humbleness man.

  36. Gregory Partridge

    I've been really enjoying your Vietnam and Taiwan videos! Keep up the good work

  37. Wet season…

  38. Deliberate Creation

    I think you've been saying Vietmanese instead of vietnamese it's all good though.

  39. 1:03 crossing the street like a pro

  40. Divert…. You should make a Video on Ben Tre Province…. Def it going to be a hit…. Beautiful Coconut town.

  41. 😍😍😍😍

  42. Vietnam is just a developing country. There are many things that they need to improve. I think it will take such a long time to do it. I’m surprised cuz you traveled to Vietnamese traditional crafts. I hope you had such a good time in Vietnam.

  43. so glad I found you guys

  44. 34-Huỳnh Đức Thành

    welcome to our country

  45. 66 요요라이프 yoyo life

    Nice to meet you friend 😅😅 stay connected 🍄🍄🍓🍓😎😎😘😘

  46. Omg this place is very cool
    I was go there one time

  47. Thank you bro. Have a good day. Vietnam number 1

  48. Hey 😉 WHich exact tour did you book? There are many Mekong Delta tours available. 😉 Cheers, Janine

  49. Phúc Mập đem tôi tới đây