Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | We start in bustling Belfast’s City Hall and Ulster Museum, then head out to Northern Ireland’s favorite resort: Portrush, along …

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  1. Very white

  2. Será que dianho é ídolo aí mesmo? Kkk

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  4. Ulster—- Spring of blood!!!!

  5. 7:35 Sir Alex ?

  6. Enjoy your videos,thanks

  7. You need to update your video it wasn’t very accurate plus a lot has changed for the worse since 2014

  8. Its londonderry

  9. super

  10. Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait

    It's Sir Rick's Graces
    7 years ago

  11. I burst with laughters when the captions went "ba-a-a".

  12. Ulster includes Donegal Monaghan and Cavan…9 counties in all…

  13. What year was this filmed?

  14. Dislike calling it a country it’s a province

  15. I love your intro btw

  16. Kk tell me how it goes victims !!

  17. When Irish eyes are smiling …. Ty for this tour.

  18. 👏👏👏💝🎉

  19. wonderful trip

  20. alex fernando Huenten


  21. Stay together as Great Briton. Nice always !

  22. Beautiful country

  23. Islanders like me puertorrican in fact here in Puerto Rico there was a great Irish immigration in the years 1900's

  24. Дарина Кузьменко

    Thanks for these great videos. I study in Ukraine and I need to hear English for my future profession. You have very good diction and it helps me learn better. thank you again

  25. My ancestors are English, Scotish, and Irish. They dreamt of moving to America for a better life and they made it happen. Now I'm dreaming of leaving America to go there.

  26. Best country in the world 🇬🇧

  27. nice country – shame about the naff people who live there

  28. Garrett Przemysl

    In reality it's raining and cloudy all the time there. Wet and mould everywhere

  29. You are habdle

  30. i just wanna see where derry girls are from

  31. Northern Ireland is underrated

  32. Small city… Less population and SO MUCH TRAFFIC AND traffic 🚦⛔ JAMS ? 🙄😲😳😱😵 my goodness HOW ? can anyone tell me HOW ? and is this city WORTH IT ? should we visit or join UOB and be a student there ? And what is there in this city ? Advantages and no night life right ??

  33. Excellent narration. Excellent coverage of the places of tourist attraction. Thank you very much Sir for elaborate and very interesting presentation. Wish you all the best and warm regards from me..

  34. Freaked-out Cenk

    What particular protestants are involved in the situation of unionist and republicanist division? Anglicans and Episcopalians?!

  35. It's Ireland.

  36. Ireland has great sights…great food and better people!!!
    For a couple of other good youtube videos…try

  37. I wonder if Northern Ireland might want to reunite with Ireland now that Brexit has gone through. Will be interesting to see what Scotland and NI decide to do.

  38. 8:03 RPG Avenue 🤣

  39. it's Eire not northern ireland , you basterds.

  40. Her Majesty's Northern Ireland. I wish the whole of Ireland could be part of the UK.

  41. I rode my motorbike to Ballymena all the way from Paris, travelling only along the Coastal Roads, from Waterford to Cork and on to Galway. Returning on the South Coast roads to Wexford. It rained, I got wet, but boy it was a trip of a lifetime, wonderful people, great scenery and a sack full of memories, happy days indeed.

  42. Bit too catholic/republican centric, painting a very bad picture of protestants and ulster scot settlers.